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I’ve gotten bored with my garden, maybe it’s been the long dull winter but I’m feeling uninspired. Although I love my roses and peonies they pretty much look after themselves. But the rest of it is just boring, the patio near the house is grey, shady and too small to put a table and chairs on.  The far end of the garden is grassy field, which is daunting to plant as through June to September it gets virtually no water so anything I’ve ever put there has died a death.

Luckily the dog still loves it and she’s the reason we need a nice big garden, can you imagine her in a smaller one?

I want somewhere for us all to relax, somewhere to plant fruit and veg and lots and lots of flowers but I’ve never achieved it and we’ve been here nearly eight years. And to be honest I still don’t really know where to start.  Our garden is about 150ft long and about 60ft wide and although my lovely husband is good at the destruction/rebuilding side he wouldn’t know a plant from a weed if it bit him and he’s not really into gardening.  Miss L likes to plant the odd flower or veggie, but then loses interest after a bit as kids do. So it’s me versus the garden and I’m losing.

I have a lot of small garden space books from our old house, why no one has ever written a ‘I have a big garden and no idea what to do with it and I have no time’ book I’ll never know.  But in the search for inspiration I’ve thought that maybe I’ll break the garden up into chunks and treat them as maybe 3 or 4 mini gardens and do the odd hour here and there.

So the new plan is:

1. Bit nearest the house – Pots of veggies (easy to water) and if I can get it in a little greenhouse. Mini table and chairs for brekkie?

2. Main Lawn – Flowers, wide beds and pretties

3. Middle bit – I have loads of trees – so not much grows there – but maybe add a patio and have a BBQ area there?  It’s lovely and sheltered so you can sit there for ages and it’s unseen from the houses around us. But check out my Cherry Tree which has started to blossom in that part of the garden – I adore it!

4. Far end – this now needs more though now than it had previously.  Yesterday I saw the local council plan for our area and over the next 10-20 years they are going to put high density housing  – 3,000 odd in the fields behind our house.  I don’t mind the housing, people have to live somewhere but I doubt they are going to put in any breaks between old and new, so technically they can build right up against our fence – like they have in other parts of town.

So putting  in hedging, trees and work areas now might be more appropriate for that part of the garden. I think creating screening now might be a good plan, so it’s nice and established by the time it all goes in.  I want to put the veggie patch up there too, but I need to think about getting water up there for keeping the plants actually alive!

Do any of you have biggish garden’s that are well planned, houses behind yours that you screen?  Any good tips or tricks for getting it how you want?



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    1. I’m with you! That’s another part of the plan – the grass is a nightmare to keep in the summer – less would be good xx

  1. We are in the process of putting in an old world kitchen garden in our back yard at the cottage.
    I have two raised veg beds in the works- a paver patio for a table and chairs, fuirt trees and no grass. I will be sharing on my blog soon
    Your plans sound great.
    Have a wonderful day
    teresa´s last Post ..60 Ottoman-My Profile

  2. I would love such a big garden for the kids, veg growing, studio in the garden etc., in spite of the maintenance issues. Sigh…I’m currently trying to decide what to do with our tiny front garden space – the only garden we have (not that I’m bitter or anything).
    Jude´s last Post ..Mini-Masterpieces-From the ArchivesMy Profile

  3. I like your plan to break the garden into smaller bits! Makes it much easier to manage.
    sorry to hear they will be building up to your back fence….. I like the idea of you planting a natural barrier between the two now. I suggest buying rain barrels and placing them up there for the watering.
    and I grow all my veggies in raised beds which have thrived. Your idea about potting veggies near the house is perfect. Herbs grow extremely well in pots and it’s easy.
    can’t wait to see what you do!
    callie grayson´s last Post ..Happy Saint Patricks Day &amp Birthday WishesMy Profile

  4. Water for veggies – guttering on shed & greenhouse to large waterbutts. Attach drip systems and makes for low maintenance. in desperately dry spells can hose fill butts.

    We have raised beds and drip systems from Harrod Horticultural which work well. Veg comes from Rocket Gardens as we have no time or space to grow from seeds.

    Might be nice to grow some ramblers over arches before and after mid patio to add to screening and create summer scent.
    Kat´s last Post ..The Season’s ColoursMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much for the ideas Kat. I like the idea of putting arches back in. I have some cheap ones that disintegrated, I’ll spend more on them this time I think 🙂 x