Yorkshire Pud Update…

Thank you everyone who gave me recipes, tips and advice on getting the perfect Yorkshire pud.  I followed the 2 egg, milk & flour recipe and I had a marked improvement! Check out this week’s attempt

Much, much better but that was the only one that turned out ok – but I was still dead chuffed from the rubbish I was making before. My oven is a bit rubbish and doesn’t seem to cook evenly so maybe I need to put the temperature up to 210 degrees from 200?  But I’m very happy to be improving – thanks everyone xx

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  1. Yes – get the oven as hot as you can! You HAVE to let the oil/lard heat up until it’s smoking too. I have my (electric) oven on 220/225 and have the mixture in the middle of the oven. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Keep the batter in the fridge as long as poss and pour it straight into the burning hot fat 😉