Aid for Japan

What is there to say? It just beyond horrific and getting worse. If you want to help by sending financial support, and are all running campaigns and getting help up and running on the ground where it’s needed most.

In addition I had an email about this auction this morning as well. If you’re into books and want to raise money for a good cause this might be for you:

>>Freelance journalist Keris Stainton has pulled off an amazing feat.

Keris has, within 48 hours, brought together some of the UK’s best known popular fiction talent, as well as some overseas writers, in an auction to raise funds for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Authors taking part include:

  • Dorothy Koomson
  • Andrew Crofts
  • Jill Mansell
  • Adele Parks
  • Caroline Smailes
  • Cathy Cassidy

So far there are more than 100 lots including exclusive editions of new books, signed works, feedback and critiques on manuscripts and proposals as well as publicity help, social media expertise and freelance journalism mentoring. There are three lots from me: A critique of a non fiction book proposal, a place on a Kick start your freelance writing career day-long workshop, and four one-hour telephone mentoring sessions, with exercises and feedback in between and two signed books with each.

You can see the details here:

Bidding opens at 8am tomorrow (Tues 15) and closes at 8pm on Sunday 20th<<

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