Yorkshire Pud Help Needed

Check out my pathetic attempt to make a Yorkshire Pudding.  I can cook most things, but these just elude me no matter what I try.   I’ve tried using milk to make the batter, water to make the batter, both olive oil and goose fat in the tray (not at the same time!).  I’ve tried all sorts of heat and they always turn out like that.

Help!!  What are your top tips for making the perfect yorkshire pud and please don’t say an Aga 😉

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  1. My Husband makes amazing Yorkshire puds, but I don’t know his secret. I learned everything I know about Yorkshire puddings from Aunt Bessie. Strike me down!

  2. I make a batter with milk. The trick is to make sure a teaspoon of oil (I use olive) in each hole of the muffin tin is very hot before adding the batter, the batter want to sizzle when you pour it in.

    This makes lovely yorkies, perfect for sunday lunch. Any left over can eaten cold with mapel syrup the next day – chefs perk!

  3. Whenever I watch Brian Turner on TV I’m inspired to make them but I never have! But, anyway, he says that you just need to do it by volume, not weight. So choose a cup, ramekin, small bowl, whatever you like that you’ll find gives you the right number of pudds you want and use the following quantities:

    * 2 cups (bowls etc) plain flour
    * A pinch of salt
    * 2 cups eggs
    * 2 cups milk and water mixed
    * 1 tbsp malt vinegar

    For the Yorkshire pudding batter, sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Add the eggs and beat well with half the liquid until all the lumps have disappeared. Add the rest of the liquid and the vinegar, and allow to stand.

    Oven temperature again to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas 6.

    Heat some of the excess dripping from the roast in a suitably sized ovenproof pan or roasting tray. My mum always just used to use veg oil she’d used several times for chips! and it was still fine! Heat to almost smoking really. Whisk up the Yorkshire pudding batter, then pour into the tray and immediately place in the oven. Close the door quickly and bake for 25 minutes. Turn the pan round and cook on for another 10 minutes. Serve immediately.

    1. That’s brilliant thanks Lesley! Eggs are another one that’s missing from my batter – that might have something to do with it! xx

  4. This is our recipe which makes 12 yorkies in a yorkshire tin or a muffin pans. If you want to go bigger just multiply up:

    2 eggs
    190ml milk
    78g plain flour

    Tips –

    *Mix well in advance – before you start cooking mix your batter then leave to stand in the fridge. Half an hour before you are ready to use it bring it out to warm to room temperature but resist the usrge to re-mix.
    *Oven as hot as it will go – once potatoes and meat out turn it up and let it get hot.
    *Use a metal recepticle – whichever kind of pudding you are making metal is best.
    *Fats – sunflour oil or beef dripping if you want to be authentic.
    *Heat the fat – put your fat in the tin and into the oven for a couple of minutes until it is almost smoking hot. Then add the mix quickly and return to the oven.
    *Do not open the door – leave for 15 – 20 minutes to cook and do not open the door until they are ready!

    Love from Kat, granddaughter of a Yorkshire woman and eater of many Yorkshire puddings xx
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  5. I’ve always found that the recipe doesn’t really matter, I’ve even been known to use a 7p batter mix from Morrisons before with good results *shock, horror*. The two main things that help are to get the oil as hot as you can, so it’s all shimmery and, like Kat says, do NOT open the door!
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  6. 175g of plain flour
    2 eggs
    175ml milk
    110ml water

    Put flour in bowl, add eggs. Mix water and milk together in jug. Whisk flour and eggs together adding the liquid slowly. Leave to stand. you can make in advance and store in the fridge. Put olive oil in the tin and heat in a hot oven 220C, pour in mixture- it should start to set straight away. put in oven and DONT open the door till they are cooked, usually at least 20 mins if making individual ones.

    I also use this mixture for toad in the hole and for pancakes. Good old Delia eh?

    1. Delia is ace! Thanks so much for the recipe – I think I have failed on Eggs and leaving it to stand! Thank so much xx

  7. Don’t have the greatest success with Yorkshire pud but I do find mini ones work better than a big one and if you’re going to cheat Tesco finest beat aunt bessie’s 🙂

  8. The others have covered it – you need an egg, make sure the oil is really hot before you put it in, don’t open the door and they’ll come up just lovely. x

  9. Best recipe I found was in Annabel karmels recipe book and was for mini toad in the holes. Just take out the sausages.

  10. Keep your oven Hot Hot seems to be the secret. And yes Annabelle K’s recipe is working. Don’t open the door many times otherwise you finish with pancakes. Have a nice weekend !
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  11. So many people have already given their recipes but mine is – 8oz plain flour, 2 eggs, 1 pint milk, 1 tsp salt.
    The secret is to make the batter as early in the day as you can – the longer it stands the better. Keep it in the fridge too as the colder the batter the better!
    You need the tin/oil to be smoking hot too – so hot that it is *actually* smoking! Pour in the batter and cook but try not to open the oven!
    Oh, and I’m from Yorkshire which of course makes me a great authority on all matters Yorkshire Pudding related *cough*
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  12. too bad I am not there as your taster as you perfect them! I love yorkshire pud but have never made them. So I have no advise really. I know when I watched a friend make them she made them look easy to make, but one thing I remembered was the oil was really REALLY hot.
    Like SewBertie mentioned, I heard the sizzle!
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