Dance Juniors for Wii Review

The PR company sent me a copy of this ages ago and I feel awful I’ve not reviewed it before. It pretty much kept us sane and warm through the horrid cold wet February half term.  I think Miss L is on the edge of being too old for it but most kids from 3 – 8  would have a great time.  I got all excited because some Wiggles songs were on it, I miss them! Miss L however was more impressed by The Jackson’s ABC being on there, she’s cooler than me, what can I say?. The songs on the game, were spot on for the younger age group and they were sung by kids – except the Wiggles ones – hurray!!!.

As it turns out, I utterly suck at dancing games and Miss L utterly kicked my butt everyday by more than 3,000 points – how embarrassing!  But it’s fun and a good workout, so I suspect we’ll get some of the more grown up versions and we can pretend to be Beyonce 🙂

Anyway check my girl throwing some dance moves to ‘All Star’ (no video of me doing it – what a shame!)


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