Tesco’s Grocery Delivery Review and Giveaway UK Only

Sorry this is turning into bit of a Giveaway Week here on VP, but Tesco’s asked me to try their online shopping service and they would give me £50 of vouchers if I spent £75 – ummm okay!   Also which I know will be a shocker for some of you, but as someone who pretty much lives on the internet I’ve never done online food shopping!   I thought it was time I joined the 21st Century, even my Luddite mother gets her food delivered!

I’ve never really given it a go because when online shopping came out Miss L was a baby and we’d just moved to a new town, so my only chance to talk to an adult was at the tills.  Then when I went back to work, Miss L was three and I quite liked taking her to the supermarket so she could learn about food. Now’s she’s older, I work from home so going in school hours isn’t an issue and it gives me a break from work.

In recent years,  I’ve also moved away from shopping solely at the supermarkets, mainly because I work from home and have the time.  I have a fantastic butcher, fruit & veg come from the market or the garden if they are in season, bread comes from the market, eggs from my Mum’s neighbour and milk is delivered by our milkman. So the main things we get from the supermarket now are things like washing powder, loo roll and dog food so this was the bulk of my online shop, I also ordered some salad to see how it turned up.

So I’ve just done my first online shop and it was much better than I thought it’d be – a lot of website usability for shopping is awful but this was pretty straightforward.

I liked:

Being able to type in what I wanted in the search and it came up (going thought the menu’s took too long)

Being able to see the special offers up front and not have to hunt for them or get distracted by small child who’s spotted mini eggs and run off in the opposite direction.

I can compare the price by volume as they are all next to each other. It never fails to amaze me how the the price per sheet of loo roll can vary!

The fact I won’t have to lug the dog food in and out of the checkout and to the car.

Everyone (including me) buying stuff we don’t really need because we see it – my DVD collection is a great example of this, it’ll save us a fortune!

And that our Tesco’s is so over subscribed it doesn’t matter when you go it’s heaving – seriously 10pm and it’s still busy.

You can alter your order after you’ve placed it.

I’m guessing that now it’s all in there, it’ll remember my favourites which makes it easier next time.

I didn’t like:

I’m really, really particular about the fruit, veg, flowers and meat I buy. I hate the thought of someone else choosing them – but that is purely me being a control freak!

I went for the £5.50 delivery slot because it was on Sunday morning, but I think £6.00 in the popular spots is pricey.  But then I own a car, cabs would cost more than that and lugging that much on the bus would be a nightmare

It forced me to sign up for Verified by Visa which I hate with a passion – as I always forget the password and have to change it each time.

The Delivery –

I was very impressed with the delivery

I’d ordered a delivery slot from 10-12am on Sunday and at 9.00 I got a text saying my delivery would be at my house between 10.15 and 11.15 – marvellous if I’d been out,  I’d have been able to get back in time.

A really lovely delivery driver turned up at 10.45am, and he found my house which is always a good sign as we’re not on any SatNavs.  He asked where I wanted all the shopping, I said just the hallway so he bought it all in for me.  He explained to me about the 2 substitutions I’d been given and offered to take them back if I didn’t want them, so I could get refunded. As it was my first order he talked me through my bill, and told me about their carrier bag recycling and that next time he could collect all my bags for me and take them back to the store to be recycled.  There was also a 5p off petrol voucher attached to the bill, which is always very welcome!

So all in all I think for bulk buys and boring bog standard stuff I’d use it again.  Here’s what I spent:

Cost of Products Pre-Promotions £102.87

Delivery Charge £5.50

Promotion savings I saved £26.78

So even after the delivery charge I saved £21.28, obviously I then had £50 coupon off so it knocked down what I bought to £31.59, but I know if I’d done it instore there is no way I would have noticed all the deals.


If you are like me and have never done online grocery shopping, Tesco’s are offering 10 readers the following – A £12 off voucher if you spend £50 online grocery shop.  Just leave me a comment below before Midday Friday 25th Feb 2011 and I’ll do a random pick for the 10 winners

The codes will be valid from 28th February for a shop delivered on or before 11th March 2011.
Please note the codes are only valid for a first time grocery order, to allow your readers to discover Tesco.com/grocery for themselves. Unfortunately the code will not work for existing Tesco.com/grocery shoppers.

Terms and conditions
£12 off your online grocery shop when you spend £50 or more. Code is valid from February 28th 2011 on a single grocery order, delivered on or before 11th March 2011. Customers must spend & have delivered £50 or more of groceries from Tesco.com/grocery. Purchases from Wine By the Case do not qualify. £50 minimum spend excludes purchases of tobacco, infant milk formulae, prescription medicines & the service charge. Valid on purchases from Tesco.com/grocery groceries site only. Valid for first-time Tesco.com grocery shoppers only. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. This coupon is and shall remain the property of Tesco Stores Limited and is not for resale or publication.
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  1. I use Tesco online once a month to do an enormous shop and then we do fresh top-ups as and when. I really like it although, as an ex-supermarket manager (not for them), it does bug me the way they manipulate the site. Sometimes there are dry grocery goods which have been on the site for aeons but they take them away just for a couple of months. So then I have to go and get those things elsewhere. Which just makes me go grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m also frustrated by the fact that they never offer to bring the things into the house – we had to ask the other week because DH had put his back out, but I’m told it should be automatically offered – and they always forget to ask for carrier bags that need recycling. Fortunately this is a bug bear of mine so I always decant the stuff onto my kitchen worksurfaces and hand them back at the end with the trays I’ve been unloading. I opt for “as few bags as possible” but they always manage to use more than I would like!

    I thought I’d be bothered by the fresh thing as well, having worked in the industry, but I’m actually satisfied 99% of the time and when I’m not I just send it back. I do think it depends on which store your things come from though. Ours come from just over the border into Oxfordshire and I know, from going to the store, that it is a concept/niche one, meaning it is allowed to stock a wider range of products than would a store of the same size in a different location (sorry, getting technical!).

    Our friends who live in Oxfordshire use Sainsburys online and that goes to them from our town! Amazon sent us through a voucher today for trying Sainsburys online for the first time so I’m going to give that a go – given that I can’t enter your Tesco giveaway.

    1. That’s really interesting to hear the viewpoint of someone who’s been in the business. We’re really limited here as we only have a Tesco and Waitrose in our town – I’m not sure if I can get Sainsbury or Asda delivered – mainly because I’ve never tried I suspect! So sorry you could enter the draw – I don’t know why they limited it to first time users. I’ll be interested to hear what Sainsburys is like.

  2. OMG, I SO HATE that Verified by Visa thing, Liz – completely agree with you. It is the most un-user-friendly thing I’ve EVER come across, and I’ve actually aborted purchases because of it on more than one occasion.
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