Today is my birthday, and it still shocks me that I’m 39, it’s an age in my head I associate with sophisticated grown up women – I’m not either of these things!.  I had been bitching endlessly about coming to the end of my thirties, but the illness of a close friend has made me realise that every day is a gift and I should embrace it.

So here’s the positive side to turning 39.  My 30’s have flown by faster than my 20’s but have brought me far more joy . I have a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter and somewhat insane dog – I couldn’t live without them all.

I’m lucky I still have both my parents and a grandmother.  My core group of friends are the same ones I made in secondary school and through my 20’s, and no matter where we all live I can phone them at 3am if I needed to.  The new friends I’ve made since moving up here are pretty wonderful too 🙂

My hair is only a little bit grey – and I can get away with doing the roots

It turns out wearing sunscreen and not smoking does mean at 39 you will only have a couple of wrinkles mostly from giggling!

I still wear jeans and converse – every day and I can’t see that changing.

I have my own business and a blog I love.

I have had some brilliant holidays and lived in some lovely houses in the last 9 years. I love my garden and I’m semi refusing to move again because of it – he he!

I live in a tiny city, and it’s really beautiful even in the depths of winter.

And today I’ll be spending my birthday with my husband, daughter, our best friends and their lovely little girl – turning 39 feels pretty good.

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  1. Yay to wearing jeans and converse every day – do some people NOT wear that?! I like a positive list, hope you’ve had a good day and got a good bit of cake too.

  2. I’m playing google reader catch up & just saw this – happy belated birthday lovely! Glad you had a great time, and honestly? Can’t actually believe you’re 39 – I thought you were the same age as me!! Clearly, you’re doing something right 🙂 xx