There is a new micro-blogging site called Pinterest.  The basic premise is you have an online noticeboard, if you see an image you like somewhere on the web, you can ‘pin it’ to your Pinterest noticeboard.

I was using Tumblr for the same thing but Pinterest is better as you can make moodboard and follow other people’s boards.  It’s also pretty good if you don’t want the hassle of a blog but like collecting images.  Below are some of my moodboards:

At the moment Pinterest is in beta which means you have to be invited by a user to join. So if you’d like an invite to try and use it, leave me a message below and I’ll send you an invitation.

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  1. I’m on there too, and I’m thoroughly addicted to it. It’s strange, Twitter and Facebook I can take or leave, but not so Pinterest – I find it difficult to keep away, perhaps because it’s so visual. I also love that it’s not just about shopping, or wish lists, but anything inspirational, quirky – whatever interests you. I shall see if I can find you there!
    Jude´s last Post ..Simple Valentine CardsMy Profile

    1. I agree, I’m really enjoying the visual aspect and the lack of drama that exists on both Twitter and Facebook. It’s also like blogging but with less hassle.

      Off to see if I can find you now!

  2. I would love an invite! I’ve spent hours browsing others pins, and would love to start on my own. Thanks so much!

    P.S. You have such a lovely blog, I’m so glad to have stumbled across it!

  3. Hi Chandra,

    Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, it’s always great to meet new readers. I’ve sent you an invite.

    Liz x

  4. Am I too late for the Pinterest party? I’d love an invite of you have any spare – I feel I have so much to give and am tired of just taking the inspiration of others!
    Your blog is very addictive! Enjoying every minute of it!

      1. Brilliant – you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind! Looking forward to when the kids are in bed and I can start to play….
        Thanks ever so and see you pinning!