Charity Store Find

I was wandering past the Oxfam store today on my way to the hairdressers, when I spotted the perfect picture frame to make one of these fabulous chalkboards . It’s gold but it’s nothing a lick of white paint on the frame can’t solve – blog post to come soon.

But anyway,  as I was queuing up to pay for it I glanced about the shop and spotted this from a distance……

An Emma Bridgewater Butterdish and it was a fiver!!  So having squealed internally – you don’t want alert the sharp eyed old dears of our town to something they can sell on eBay. I grabbed it, and went to pay for it.  Sadly there was no lid – well there may have been but it’s probably been lost when its been left there.

I’ve just ordered a new lid from Emma Bridgewater for £10, which means it’s come to a grand total of £15 rather than the £32 on the Emma Bridgewater site.  So between that and my new haircut, I am a happy woman! 🙂

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  1. Well done you, what a lovely find! I’m really enjoying your makeover ideas, I’ve still got to tackle my kitchen cupboards! I’ve just bought a beautiful mirror for my daughter’s bedroom from a charity shop, well it would be lovely if I could paint the gold frame white so I might see what you use on your frame and do the same!

    1. That’s so lovely to hear! I’ll be buying the bits this weekend and hopefully there should be a post coming soon. Post yours too I’d love to see them 🙂

  2. Oh wow, that truly is a treasure! And well done on the frame!

    I have a bag that needs dropping off at the charity shop, but I’m too scared to go in as I’ll walk out with more than I leave behind!

  3. Bargain!

    I am desperate for a frame like that as I have loads of photo’s and I thought I might make a bit of a collage. I’ve been looking every where for one so I’m really jealous you found one lol
    Cass@frugalfamily´s last Post ..Ginger Pants…My Profile

    1. It’s taken me months to find one – you can’t get them for love nor vast amounts of searching! I like the sound of your project though, wanna see it 🙂

  4. Great finds! The butter dish is great. I always try to contain my excitement when I spot something nice! I don’t think it works LOL
    I really have to visit a flea market or thrift shop soon.
    Marianne´s last Post ..pottery barnMy Profile

  5. LIZ!!!! Do you have ANY IDEA how INSANELY JEALOUS of you I am?!! *sulk* Am an avid Emma Bridgewater collector and have never, in all my many years of collecting, been lucky enough to find anything in a charity shop! Such a good purchase, and with the lid too! Love the Black Toast pattern, does it say “Don’t let the cat get the butter” around the rim? (Still sulking by the way!) x

    1. I have never ever seen one in the charity shops either! That never happens to me, Caroline at ‘What’s Happening at my House’ once found a Louis Vuitton bag at her local one – which I still think it the most amazing find ever!! Anyway back to my Butterdish – it says ‘Half a Pound of Best Butter’ on it. I’m guessing the lid broke and they threw it out – idiots! 🙂

  6. Well, well done!! You know I love a good thrift. 🙂 Had an overnight trip on Saturday with my thrifty friend and exercised tremendous self-control (of course I still bought stuff…I’m not that CRAZY after all, lol!). I would not, however, have had self control if I saw this butter dish.
    laura @ the shorehouse´s last Post ..Going DutchMy Profile