Moments to Melt

Last night cuddling Miss L to sleep (she’d had a hard day) and as she was dozing off warm and in the dark. I heard a little voice say

‘it’s moments like this Mummy, that make me love you to death’.

*Happy Sigh*

I hope you all have a moment like that today – Happy Friday!

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  1. It’s moments like that, that make 27 hours of child labor worth it! Best job in the world being a Mom! Relish the moment…….!

    1. Oh I’m totally with you, I had one of those – hence the only child 🙂 But I stopped when she was 5, it was either that or have a nervous breakdown! I think she was so surprised to get the cuddle, that I got the lovely comment LOL!

  2. Ah , that’s is such a sweet story! I too, am trying to wean Milly off the nighttime cuddle up, as lovely as it is, I often end up going to sleep before her. Only to wake up 3 hours later with a killer back ache and dribble down my chin… Not great ingredients for the perfect night unfortunately.

    1. Oh yeah, been there and done that – the neckache is a killer! Also hubby used to wonder where I’d disappeared to LOL! 🙂