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The photo challenge this week at Sticky Fingers is ‘Children’. This week I’m not showing mine for a change, but those in our old family photo box. I love seeing how they dressed, and how the nature of children never really changes. I’ve recently gotten to the age realise now how fast life goes by – where have the last 10 years gone? –  and it never fails to amaze me that all these little children are now elderly. Not too old in my Dad’s case (love ya!) and very old (97) in my Nan’s case.

A cousin - taken about 1924
My Nan aged 2 in 1915
Unknown Cousin - Taken about 1912
Sheila - Taken 1925
My Dad taken in about 1949

If you’re like me you take lots of photos of your kids, and it’s so important to print out the good ones. Future generations aren’t going to be able to read your hard drive or data sticks. I’ve recently been moving images from old data sticks before I have no way of reading them, technology has moved fast in 9 years. I’ve been printing them into books and getting individual prints, I’m terrified my computer will have a melt down and Miss L’s childhood will be lost.

The same goes with old photos they can be lost too. I’ve started scanning all ours and having them reprinted as they don’t last forever. Funnily enough it’s not only the old ‘tin types’ from the early 1900’s that have degraded rapidly but pretty much anything taken in the 1970’s, Polaroids are terrible for losing colour and fading. It’s hard work but well worth it to preserve your family history.

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  1. So true, I have nightmares about the computer exploding and losing photos I’ve not backed up or printed yet!
    I love looking at my parents old photos when I visit them – there are big generation gaps in my family, so my paternal grandfather, for example, was born at the end of the 19th century. Obviously, I never met him, so the photos are really important to me. Now we’ve got a good scanner, I’m planning to do just as you say, scan them and have them printed.
    Kath Parklover´s last Post ..1 in 4My Profile

  2. As wonderful as technology and the interweb are, nothing beats sitting poring over an old photo album. I adore old photos, especially of the older generation: you know how special they are because there are so few. It’s surprisingly easy to forget that people didn’t always take pictures on a daily basis.
    Domestic goddesque´s last Post ..The Gallery- ChildrenMy Profile

  3. These are gorgeous and something to really treasure.

    I know just what you mean, I had a panic attack when Milo was about 6 months old and I realised I only had 6 or 7 pictures of him actually printed out! Now I print out my 4 of my favorites each month, and put them into an album, which is key!
    Abby´s last Post ..the gallery – childrenMy Profile

  4. Good tips, thanks. I need to update my external hard drive with all my photos as I think my laptop might die sometime soon. But I’m pretty good at printing out photos of the kids and I make photo books of them for my mum & mother-in-law. But photos from the 70’s?: I hadn’t given those a second thought. The world would be a slightly sadder place without preserving the photos of my sister & me in our handmade long dresses and ‘Purdy’ haircuts. Must get on to it!
    fiona´s last Post ..Timing is everythingMy Profile

  5. I have 500 odd people on my family tree, but haven’t done any on it since having the babies. What a great reminder that I should be scanning and prining pictures. However I sometimes fine old photos a little creepy. x

  6. I love looking at old black and White photos from the pas – they always seem more interesting some how. I guess because they are from a time now forgotten. You are so right as much as i love digital photography , I still love looking through my photo albums of my old style photography., which I only stopped doingmabout 7 years ago.
    Great post x

  7. I have lots and lots of really old photos too passed on by my grandparents, they have a very ‘far away’ feel about them don’t they?
    Lovely photos