Our Favourite iPad Apps

Caroline at What’s Happening at My House asked me the other day what my favourite iPad apps were as she’s just got an iPad.  Now this is quite embarrassing,  I only have a couple.  I never get to use the iPad, as either Miss L has it watching CBBC on iPlayer or Paul is playing Scrabble on it.  So this is the whole family’s list – Caroline I hope this helps?


RightMove – Property P*rn – I love looking at houses

Martha Stewart – It’s one magazine sadly but beautifully done.

Angry Birds – I have an addiciton

Tunein Radio – Listen to radio through your iPad

Pottery Barn Catalogs – I can’t buy it but it does give me ideas!

Miss L:

iPlayer – CBBC on tap!

Starwalk – see the universe and learn about stars and planets in ‘real time’ you can point the iPad at wherever you like and it tells you what stars are there.

Harry Potter Lego – because we don’t have that in enough formats  – DS, Wii and XBox as well as iPad last time I checked!

Magic Piano – does what it says – it is a piano and it’s very cool.

iBlast Moki – no idea but it must be a fun game!

Build a Bear – there’s games and you can earn money and transfer it to your Bearville onlne account.

Stick Skater –  fun skating game for little ones.


Scrabble – it seems pretty addictive.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – but I think he’s only saying that only to look cool!

Twitter App – I agree pretty good but we rarely get to use it.

What are your favourites – can any of you help Caroline out with a recommendation?

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  1. I am saving for an iPad. Got to get me one LOL

    I saw the Martha Stewart app in the store, it seems much fun to me.
    I have a Dutch app similar to Starwalker on my iPhone, I used it a lot in Lugano last year.

    Thank you for the list.
    Marianne´s last Post ..books wish listMy Profile

  2. Thank you, Liz – that’s brilliant. Some great sounding ones for William to try out there as well. I will continue to keep an eye on the comments to see what everybody comes up with. Thanks again xxx
    Caroline´s last Post ..Sunday Car BootyMy Profile

  3. I just got an iPad for Christmas too – I also took your advice from one of your earlier posts, and ordered a beautiful bag for it from Etsy. I’ve got lots of free apps on there already (mostly for the kids, but also quite a few arty ones) and I shall be doing a post about them soon.
    Jude´s last Post ..Icy ArtworkMy Profile

  4. Don’t hate me, I got through the first set of Angry Birds I got on my Android in 2 weeks. Great game though. I also really like Pandora and Groove Shark for radio. Probably my most used app is FB only because I can’t seem to do without having immediate feedback to some of my more obscure statements i make.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Eccentricities in Ten CitiesMy Profile

  5. I’m still in the dark ages…I can’t use apps on my phone…but my HD has a phone with one and our Grandchildren love angry Birds-
    Our middle son is a ITT guys and write code….he plays around with writing apps too….his lastest app….Car finder- for fun check it out =)
    Have a great day
    teresa´s last Post ..Some people buy housesMy Profile