{Update} The Small Kitchen Makeover

We are almost there…well we would have been finished if I hadn’t had the electrician mess us about for the whole of December. He didn’t turn up 4 TIMES so he got fired and now I need to find someone else. But this has mean that we can’t get the last bit of worktop back on as the lead for the dishwasher won’t reach the plug!  So until the new socket is installed, the lovely  – probably live – wire hanging out of the wall everything is on hold.

I’ve also decided that we should have the old halogen kitchen lights replaced with shiny new LED’s which are less likely to burn the house down and will actually work – only 2 do out of the 4 at the moment!  So tomorrow I start the search for an electrician *again*.

But here’s what’s been done so far:

Cupboards – 90% painted. I just need to remove the last 2 glass doors and I think I may leave them off and just have more open shelving? But hubby isn’t as keen, so maybe I’ll paint them too and see how they look?

New Sink and Taps – Installed and just gorgeous!  The joy of having a stainless steel sink which is easy to clean rather than the white plastic one…*sigh* you can’t beat it! And the tap is now high enough to get the kettle/pans anything under it which it wasn’t before and how I think the old taps got broken.

The sink and taps both came from Screwfix Direct and were about half the price of the same thing in B&Q and Homebase.  The plumber who fitted them did a great job and was really reasonable.  He had to make a new hole through the kitchen wall to the outside, as the waste was in a slightly different position – argh!

Dishwasher – We could only get a half size one in the space but installed and how on earth did I ever live without it? It keeps the kitchen clean, we don’t argue anymore well about anything to do with dishes or cooking anymore. I love it, best thing I think we’ve ever bought and I include the Skyplus and iPhone in that!

Open Shelves – They make me happy whenever I walk into the kitchen. I’ve put them above the dishwasher so all you have to do is life the plates out of the machine and then straight onto the shelf above.  They’re called Jarpen from Ikea and were a whole £7.99 plus the fixings which were £10 .  They are in the oak finish and look really chunky and cool, much better than what was there before.

Repainted the Room – I stripped the awful backing paper that was there before and repainted the room in a neutral cream – Slipper Satin from Farrow and Ball. It matches the tiles really well, which saves on me replacing them. they’re cream and can be regrouted. The room looks much cleaner and fresher for it.

Hanging Rail – I now have one for my dishcloths, so I can display them. I have a huge collection of Cath Kidston and Green Gate ones, which are super pretty.

What’s left to do….

The Floor – the current plan is take up the old floor and see if the original floor underneath is saveable and not damaged. We also have the added problem that at somepoint the original floor has had lino put over it. It’s super stuck down and our plumber warned us that it’s possible it has asbestos in it – so to take it up very carefully!

If it’s not saveable/lino is screwing it up I think we’re just going to go for some fake slate tiles.  I’m also thinking about putting in underfloor heating as it turns out it’s quite cheap and we have no heating in there whatsoever which is making the rest of the house cold.

Window – it turns out the breeze coming into the kitchen for years was the badly fitting window as there was a big gap round it. So I’ve filled what I can and now I need to bead the window to seal it.

I’m also going to get a Roman blind to cover the window at night and to try and keep the cold out – the window is huge and we probably should have something on it.

Worktop – Sand and re-stain the wood on the worktop. We would have replaced it, but to get the section off where we put the dishwasher we had to kick the cupboard out underneath it and the bloody thing was still there! It took a lot of hard work to get it out, so I didn’t think our chances were that high unless we wanted to trash the rest of the cupboards!.

Lighting – I’m going to get some led’s under the cupboards as well as a better work light.

How much has it cost so far?

Well I’ve just had a quick tally and we’ve spent the following:

Cupboard Paint – £22

Shelves – £34

Hanging Rail – £5

New Sink – £105

New Taps – £65

Installation of the sink, taps and dishwasher – £110

Dishwasher – £358

Total: £699

Which isn’t too bad, I think the electric work might be about £200 and the floor maybe another £200, which still only takes it to over £1000 which is much, much cheaper than the £6,000 starting price I was originally quoted for the room.  So I’m really pleased and it looks fantastic in person. Fingers crossed it’s all finished by the end of the month! Wish me luck 🙂

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  1. Can I ask what paint you used for the cupboards? I had wooden cupboards in my last house and tried to paint them and it just looked RUBBISH. We ended up buying a new kitchen because I hated the painted wood even more than I’d hated the orange pine!

  2. Hi Sally,

    Mine were laminate, so I keyed them with some sandpaper and then I’ve used Dulux Cupboard Paint. It’s been a few months and far so good, they’ve not really scratched all which is amazing as the bloody dog is always jumping up at them/kicking them with her giant paws. I’ve gone for straight white, so they don’t look that disimilar to the ones I saw in the shops, I’m not sure a ‘colour’ would have worked as well?

    But if I was going to do it again, I’d just buy new doors painting them has been the longest job ever (5-6 Coats) and I’d rather have it done more quickly next time.

  3. Woman, that kitchen looks absolutely GORGEOUS and light years away from the one we tried to crowd into. 🙂 I love it.

  4. I did just want to say though, we have underfloor heating in our kitchen – half of it is the ex-garage so it has 3 external walls and is right on the side of the house – and it is a mixed blessing.

    We went for electric which comes in mats like a credit card that you just lay down under most chosen flooring (we have laminate boards). But it costs about £1 per day to run 3 times a day in the depths of winter. Water is cheaper as gas is usually cheaper than electric to run but you have to lay pipes and connect it all up to the boiler and lots of flooring types require the pipes to be surrounded in a special screed that isn’t cheap etc etc.

    Your kitchen is smaller than ours though and we have had ours 5 years so things have possibly moved on a bit. On balance I’d not be without it because we eat in there but …..

    1. That’s really interesting to know. We can’t go the water route as we’d have to dig out the old tile and cement floor, not to mention I think our boiler would finally give up the ghost! So I was thinking maybe the electric, but it really depends on how much it brings up the tile floor level. I have a horrible feeling we might have to leave the current tile down because of the ‘maybe’ asbestos lino and go over the top of that….maybe I’ll just leave the next owners of our house to worry about the heating in there 😉

  5. Wow it looks amazing! Love the shelves Which I just might have to nick for my kitchen. Well done! -HMx

  6. Beautiful- I love the white and open shelves!
    I know how much work it is to redo a kitchen….way to go girl it’s looking great.
    and you know me I love things done on a budget =)
    teresa´s last Post ..Happy New Year-My Profile

  7. Ohhh that looks gorgeous! I really need to give my kitchen a good clearout. It’s gorgeous underneath all the clutter covering it at the moment… >_<

  8. It’s really looking quite fab….I’m sure you can’t wait until it is all done! We just chatted with a kitchen designer tonight about my kitchen….hmmmmm…..here we go!!
    Keep it up Liz ~ hope you find an electrician asap!
    The Summer Kitchen Girls´s last Post ..Wednesday WordsMy Profile

  9. Hi there,
    You’ve done a great job! I’ve got a similar space that I’m about to do and am wondering about going for smaller units with a depth of 500 mm rather than the standard 600 mm – is this something you considered or even did?

    1. Hi Mat,

      If we’d been changing the units I would have considered it, it would have meant that I could have gotten a full size dishwasher in. But we ended up keeping what we had and just repainting them, so I didn’t have the option. But I’d say well worth looking at if you are going to replace your whole kitchen. Good Luck!

  10. We’re in the middle of major reworking of our kitchen after a burst pipe under the floor. At the moment most of it is gutted with just the sink unit and cooker still standing. We have to leave it for about two months while the drying machine takes the water out of the floor.

    But there is a very old lino on the floor beneath the current one. How do you tell if it has asbestos?
    Sarah Rate´s last Post ..How Much Mortgage Can I GetMy Profile

    1. My plumber saw it and advised us not to take it up just incase, as it’s well over 50 years old. You can have it tested to make sure, I guess contact your local asbestos removal company and they’ll test it for you and then remove it if necessary.. Apparently it’s in the backing so it’s fine if you don’t disturb it, rip it up etc and it’s ok to tile over. I hope that helps?

  11. It’s looking good! And you know I’m a big fan of the on a budget part.

    I’m literally on month six of a reno project that’s consumed every free minute of my little life, so I can appreciate the no-shows, the things that don’t go quite as expected, etc., etc. But we FINALLY passed inspection last week and when we sat and watched a movie in our new space last night…it felt ammmmaaaaazzzinng. 🙂
    laura @ the shorehouse´s last Post ..The Year in Thirft- Part TwoMy Profile