Present Wrapping

Present wrapping is the one thing I dread at Christmas, it takes forever and frankly I suck at it – despite the festive music!. When I was younger one of my friends used to take pity on me, and do it for me I was so bad! 🙂  But as he’s long gone, I’ve learnt to stand on my own two feet and do with a few simple rules.

  • Choose only a couple of colours, I’ve gone red and gold.
  • Pre-bought boxes for fragile things and tissue paper are very useful (like the glass sugar bowl above)
  • Buy a few Christmas tree sparkles to pop on them (Pound shops and Wilkinsons always have a great selection). I’m using small sprayed cones and some jewel like sparkles this year.
  • Ribbon of any sort looks great on a present

This year I’m also using some sparkly stick on letters in a discounted crafting kit and they are great for putting on the kids presents – big names so they can see them instantly under the tree – I’m going to try and get some every year now, they look fabulous!

This is my last post of the year as my girl finishes school tomorrow, so the computer is going off until New Year.  So I wish you all a wonderful peaceful Christmas and a Happy 2011! xx

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    1. I got them in Homesense of all places in their craft section. But I think you should be able to get them in Hobby Craft or anywhere that sells scrapbooking supplies. They are brilliant 🙂

  1. I love the sparkly letters, they are a great idea. I’ve just spent the weekend wrapping myself. Its the one part of Christmas I absolutely hate so, I’m glad to have broken the back of it.

  2. Love these ideas – I’ll try them out next time. Funnily enough, Mum hates wrapping presents too so I said I’d wrap them for her this year! Must be a Marmite type thing…