Stocking Fillers – under £10

We ran out of time last night for putting decorations up, so we’re doing it tonight instead and I can’t wait! Miss L has already done the stairs and we’ve put up the cards that have arrived from early bird friends and family.  Work is almost over – I’m just doing bits and bobs now so I thought I’d indulge myself this morning with a spot of online window shopping.

So if you are running out of time to make presents with Thrifty Christmas or aren’t craftily inclined here are my pick of online presents under £10.

Tescos Knitted Slippers - £5
Cath Kidston Tea Towels - £10
(Amazon) Violet Posy Book Store - The Creative Family £7.07
Cath Kidston Bed Socks £8
Tesco Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle - £7
Cath Kidston Kids Bunch Floral Hand Bag - £10
Monsoon Perfume Bottle - £10
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