Bonfire Night

Happy Bonfire Night!

I hope you all have a great time tonight. It’s raining here, so we’ll be watching from out the window. Our local display is next Saturday, and I’m hoping for a dry cold night so we can feast on Jacket Potatos and Sausages after we’ve seen the fireworks.  Have a great time!

(Explanation of Bonfire Night here for my international readers)

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{Toy Review} Plasticine

Still working our way through that massive box of toys. What can I say about Plasticine everyone has played with it at some point or another? It’s fantastic for modelling with (and keep it away from carpet!) 10/10 from us both.

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{Link Love} Thrifty Christmas Edition

In the aftermath of Halloween (as you can see I need to de-Halloween my blog and you should see the state of my house that needs doing too!) I thought I’d sit down with a coffee and share with you all the fantastic posts I’ve spotted round the internet for Thrifty Christmas for both decorations and gifts.

First up are some posts that my friend Amanda from PMT Cupcakes sent me for making  Christmas decorations – thanks Amanda xx

Sewing Decorations
Paper Ornaments

And from my Google Reader:


How to make a Camera Strap Cover – Tip Junkie
Christmas Napkins – Home Baked
On the Go Baby Changing Kits – Lovely Design
Pimping an Ikea Pillow – Stylizmo Blog

Handy Craft Sources

Free Holiday Scripts – Just Something I Made

For more ideas check out Thrifty Christmas, we’ve got 39 idea gift ideas on there so far and if you have anymore please feel free to add them. Right coffee break over back to de-Halloweening the house 🙂

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