Despite the cold weather we had a really good weekend. Miss L went over to my parents for the weekend and we got cracking on the kitchen. Last week I did lots of filling of cracks and holes left behind, in fact I think most of the wall where the cupboard was is now polyfiller!  Paul sanded where I’d filled and then I popped some base coat white on. He also sanded down the door frames where Betty had tried to eat her way out of the kitchen when she was a puppy, so all I need to do now is gloss that.

Check out the difference!  I have to add top coat this week but I’m really pleased with how much lighter the room looks.  I have the electrician and the plumber hopefully coming in this week so fingers crossed it’ll be done before Christmas.

After all that hard work we decided we’d had enough and went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Miss L  didn’t want to see it as she thought the trailer looked too scary.  I think Miss L was right to self censor herself and not go as there were some scary bits in there for younger kids who are a little sensitive.  However we really enjoyed it,  the three leads acting has come on a treat and they pretty much carried the film on their own. I’m so looking forward to the last one in May now.  Did any of you see it?  If you’ve not seen it, here’s the trailer well worth seeing:

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  1. I am looking forward to pics of the kitchen when it is ready.
    I haven’t HP yet. We (my sister and I) are waiting until everybody else has seen it, so it is not too crowded. I hate that in a cinema. Probably next month.
    Is it true that the last film will be in 3d?

  2. How exciting…..I hope you get it done for Christmas. I remember staying up all night in the past trying to get projects like that finished.
    As you know I loved HP…May you say? i thought it was July…..I hope you are right as I cannot wait to see it. Took Little I who is seven but she seemed okay. I thought it wasn’t as bad as some of the other films….maybe I was enjoying it too much to notice the gore but I’m quite squimish. X

  3. Hello Liz!
    Soooo excited to see that kitchen coming along swimingly 🙂 We’ll cross our fingers with you in the hopes that you can get everyone organized to get things done before Christmas!!
    YES! we saw HP last weekend – it was quite lovely. Took my daughter (12) and she loved as well, now we can NOT wait until next year to see the end. Last year we went to the HP exhibit in Chicago. It was pretty cool…especially when you saw the outfits the 3 kids wore in the first movie…so tiny – funny to see how they grow up before your eyes in these movies!
    Enjoy the rest of your week Liz!!
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