{DVD Review} Disney Beauty and the Beast

I love being one of Disney’s Blu Ray ambassadors, every couple of months they send me an utter gem of a Bluray. This month it’s one of my all time favourites ‘Beauty and the Beast’. If I remember rightly I saw this at the cinema with my good friend Sarah from Ginger and all Things Nice when we were in our late teens back in 1991. I have very fond memories of singing the songs very loudly with her in her car!

But I’d not seen it since – how has that been 20 odd years? So I did wonder if my memories would match the film?  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is from what I think of as being the ‘Broadway’ era of Disney movies – Aladdin and The Lion King being from the same period. Every song and there are lots of them taking the story along; is a massive production which seems a bit odd now in the shadow of Pixar movies which have little in the way of musical numbers and are more character driven.

But it’s held up well, the animation is still looking beautiful and looks more hand drawn (even though it’s not) traditional Disney than the current crop. The characters Belle in particular is still the intelligent, educated heroine I remembered her to be – phew!  All the enchanted household are still lots of fun and The Beast is still far more handsome as the Beast than when he changes back into a prince at the end!

It’s been a lovely afternoon snuggling up and re-watching this, we enjoyed it as much now as I did back in 1991.  Thanks Disney you brightened a very grey winter afternoon.

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  1. How funny to just have written up my post (we all watched it when the boys were off school sick last week) and then to come here and read yours. Love the new header, very festive indeed

  2. Ok, how bad am I!!!
    I have never seen Beauty and the Beast. and the reason I am sooooo bad, I worked for Disney Imagineering!!
    One day, I will watch. Maybe at Christmas when I visit my nieces!! we could watch together.


    1. That’s a lovely idea, I’m sure they’d love watching it with you for Christmas. I still think being an imagineer is the best job ever!! 🙂

  3. Favoritest disney movie ever. But it actually IS hand-drawn – the computer animated bit was just the backdrop in the ballroom scene. They overlaid the hand-drawn stuff over it.

    And the Beast should have stayed Beast. He really wasn’t all that as a prince. 🙂

    1. See I was confused about if it was or wasn’t it – Wikipedia lied to me then 😉 Yeah Beast was much better as Beast than the Prince 🙂

        1. On wikipedia so must be true….or I read it after 10pm and some wine 🙂 Glad you like the photo, taken by me on my iphone LOL! xx