It’s been one of those days here.  Just after 8am this morning the water at our house stopped working, so I popped round the neighbours thinking that it was just ours and it turned out they were all down too. I shouldn’t have been so pleased, but I had images of the pipes under our house having burst and how much that would cost to fix!

So we had look on the Anglian Water site it turned out a water main had burst in town resulting in the whole town losing water, but it should be fixed in 6 hours or so. Not terrible, we could live without water until 2pm, not a massive problem.  But we do have a combi boiler (installed by the idiot man who lived here before us), which means we have no water tank which in turn means no heating either! But at least we have an emergency electric heater I bought when the boiler died last winter and between that and the dog we were warm for the morning.

I left it until about 2.30pm and still no water so decided I’d need some water for when Miss L got home from school. I talked to friends on Facebook and discovered the central town supermarkets had sold out so went to the out of town Tesco’s.  Luckily they had 5 litre bottles so I’ve bought a few for drinking water, cleaning teeth and washing our faces.   I also realised I had water in the tumble drier so I’m using that to flush loos as well if needed, I love my condensing drier!  It’s 5pm now, so fingers crossed it should be back soon or at least by morning.  If not we can snuggle tonight with hot water bottles and extra blankets, the only thing is I really wish I’d washed my hair last night!

But it has made me think of all the poor people in Haiti, Bangladesh and other parts of the world who don’t have ready access to clean water. I’m moaning about a few hours and for them it’s their lives – just horrific!  So I think I’m going to make our family Christmas charity Save the Children for the work they are doing round the world to combat this, very valuable work.

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  1. I hope that your water is back on soon, if not already. You are so right about the work that Save the Children and other charities do on amking sure that clean drinking water is avalable for everyone. We take it for granted.

  2. Oh no! Poor you! Hope you get your water soon! Just think: you will be well prepared for a zombie attack if you have any leftover bottles of water 😉

    1. I was amazed at how much water our loo uses. Good luck with your bathroom and I hope it gets done soon, and you get your heating back x