Build a Bear Treat

Sorry for the premature posting – blasted WordPress iPhone app hasn’t been the same since they updated it a month or so ago – it seems to do what it likes now!

Anyway this post was a massive thankyou to Build a Bear who treated Miss L to a trip there to make a bear Friday (we were still on half term).  To be honest she probably needs a Build a Bear intervention, rather than another trip there but you couldn’t have made her any happier – she adores the place!  She’s been collecting them since about 2004/2005 when I passed a store in Covent Garden and spotted the Halloween bear and bought it as a present. Since then her collection has expanded as friends from all over the world send her them. She saves her pocket money to buy new clothes and she plays with them more than any of her other toys and I prefer them to Barbie or god forbid Bratz.

She’s also very into the online Bearville game where you can bring your bears to life, have a house decorate it and play games. aI love it because she’s now working 2 jobs there and using the ‘bear’ bank to save the money she makes up to buy furniture for her house. Nice life lesson!

We got to the Cambridge Store and met with Emma who explained all the new bears to us and left us to browse and choose which one Miss L would like. She settled on a ‘Star Wars’ bear which as you can imagine I thought was very cool.

Katie then stuffed it for us and they had fun putting in hearts and sounds, something she’s not normally allowed so it was extra special.

She then got to choose an outfit, so we went with the Christmas theme of a dress, sparkly red shoes and a Santa hat – ‘Leia’ the new bear as you can see looks very smart!  I’d like to thank Build a Bear for treating Miss L so well and making it her most fun trip there yet!

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  1. Build a bear is fab isn’t it. We took our little girl(who is aslo called Lili!) to the one in Manchester on wednesday for her birthday. It looks like Lily picked the same dress for her bear as our Lili did!

  2. Awesome! That store is complete genius!
    Yeah for Lily! Glad she had a wonderful time.

    ps I have that same problem with posts prematurely posting, while I am typing they will just post. It drives me crazy!