Down came the Cupboard

This weekend we finally took down the cupboard that has been bugging me for 7 years – why do I never do these things sooner?  I can’t believe how much more spacious the kitchen feels and how much lighter the room is in general.  The wall needs a bit of filler and love, but it should be fine to put the new shelves on – which is great as I had images of all the plaster coming down with the cupboard!

Here’s the before:

What it currently looks like after taking down the right hand cupboard and with the newly painted cupboard doors – new sink and worktop to come:

One of the fantastic finds behind the cupboard was this 1940’s/50’s wallpaper turns out it’s 1980’s so now not feeling bad about ditching it!

Very glam for a kitchen wasn’t it?

So this week will be stripping off the awful backing paper that’s on the walls, filling holes and then covering the walls with Acrylic White Primer.  Then I can decide what colour to paint the walls, cream, white or pale green??  I’m just keeping these images in my head, and hoping I end up with something half as lovely.

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  1. Sorry to shatter your illusions but that wallpaper could be as late as 80’s as we had navy blue version in our kitchen (freshly decorated when we moved in) in 1981. I remember this as it was house mum & I moved into when my parents got divorced.

  2. Love that you are taking the cup boards down, I will be doing that very soon myself!!
    I say go for the colour! pale green:) it’s only paint and you can change when ever you feel like it.

  3. A very nice improvement to remove the cupboard. I think putting a white face on the lower cabinets was equally as space enhancing as well. Nothing is more annoying than a cramped kitchen space. Hard to make good comfort food in an uncomfortable kitchen.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Losing our LegendsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kelly, the lower cupboard is coming out too to make space for a dishwasher. We overlooked the kitchen size when we were buying the house – in hindsight a massive mistake as it’s so annoying!

  4. Oh I total agree that taking that cupboard down was a great idea..doesn’t it open the space up!!
    We’ve just embarked on a kitchen remodel project and this past weekend I stripped the walls back to plaster. Your picture with the old wallpaper made me smile as I found some equally interesting paper on our walls…not to mention the most horrendous colour of yellow! Can’t wait to see how you finish yours..might be just the inspiration I’m looking for :o)

  5. Oooh….paint it green…..I love pale sagey greens…….my kitchen is currently a vile shade of yellow with one bright orange wall at the end. I really want to paint it but I’m currently filling and sanding the terrible walls in our bathroom so I can get round to painting that, lol…..too many jobs, not enough time/hands!!
    Jules´s last Post ..Thing the 296th……My Profile

  6. What fun …{I love to redo things =) Can’t wait to see how it all turns out…
    You have such great light in that room…big window, great view. =)