D Day is nearly here..

The kitchen is finally getting there, one more cupboard door to paint along with some general wooden bits around the upper cabinets.  Tomorrow the top right cupboard is coming off and if the wall doesn’t come down with it, the new open shelves are going up.  I should imagine that my husband and Dad will get all gungho and probably take out the bottom one as well once they get going.

I have the name of someone to fit the new worktop, I just need to decide what it’s going to be and order that and a new sink and taps. I’m now thinking of paint colours and what fabric to have the blind made into?  But MOST MOST importantly I AM GETTING A DISHWASHER!!!!  I am 38 years old and I have never ever owned one, even when I lived at home we didn’t have one.  I never have to wash up again, and yes I know that everyone says you argue about loading it – but I don’t care it’s still better than standing with your hands in crappy water for 40 minutes a day while the dog cuddles you – whether you like it or not!.

So now the important part – which one do I get??  Here’s the one I want and I know I won’t get because it’s ridiculously expensive:

I love this one, it’s got two separate drawers for lazy people like me who never put anything away, or do at the last minute. But at £929 it’s a pipe dream and I need to be less lazy!

This is the most beautiful dishwasher I have ever seen and I love it to death but once again insanely expensive at £803, and I can’t see me swaying my ever practical husband by saying ‘isn’t it so pretty in red?’.  So I suspect it’s going to be a very dull, run of the mill Bosch dishwasher we end up with.

But I need your advice. What should I look for in the way of settings?  Any models you recommend? Is noise a problem?  What to avoid like the plague? What advice can you give to a dishwasher virgin?

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  1. We had a bosh and it was a real PITA, cost an arm and a leg to fix. We were advised to go with HotPoint by the dishwasher Enginner and it has been great (toucing wood) and has moved from one end of the country to the other too.

  2. We are doing our kitchen up next and I CANNOT WAIT for a dishwasher. I too have got to my mid thirties without ever having one but it’s amazing how much extra washing up is created by one extra very small person!
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  3. I woudl suggest that you buy the cheapest one that has a deferred option so you can put it on overnight when the electricity is cheaper. I only ever use one setting – the eco one.
    Good luck
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  4. I can’t remember the make of ours but we spent ages choosing and went for one with best energy rating and lots of different programs. No more marigolds for you!!! Enjoy!!

  5. Ooh, how exciting. I remember my first dishwasher – it was in a rented house and as soon as we bought our own house, the first thing I had to do was buy a dishwasher. Once you’ve had one, you can’t live without one. The one we got first time, was just the cheapest one availalbe. It broke about a year after the guarantee ran out. The more recent one is a Bosch – middle range, I guess. Having had various appliances die on us, I would recommend taking out some kind of appliance maintenance insurance – you can get them for all your appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, cooker) and it works out cheaper than individual extended warranties and service plans.

    I would say, make sure you get one with an eco option. You probably don’t need to worry about a child lock as they’re really for the toddlers (and believe me I’m regretting not getting a child lock on the new washing machine at the moment!). Definitely make sure it has adjustable bits – we fold down one of our plate racks to put pans in, for example, and fold it up when there’s been lots of guests and therefore loads of plates and bowls.

    You will still have to wash up. You can’t put wooden spoons or chopping boards in there – pretty much anything wooden is a no go. And you may fine that a lot of your pretty china (come on, you have pretty china, don’t you?) won’t go in there and if you have any crystal glasses or many fancy glasses, it’s handwashing only. But it still makes a huge difference!

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  6. We have a basic Bosch one that we bought second-hand off some friends around 10 years ago (it was probably around 3 years old at the time). It’s still going strong, and every time they come to stay they regret ever having sold it to us as they have been through 3 (!) others in the meantime.
    I’d love one of the two-drawer ones, think it would be so much more practical. Alternatively, I’d love 2, then I would never need any cupboard space.
    Good luck!
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  7. We have a Siemens. I love it. It even cleans well on the short cycle (LOL, don’t know the right word), it’s 35 minutes. It re-uses water (within one cycle) if it isn’t dirty, so it is eco friendly.