{Book Review} Witchcraft – Halloween Craft Fun

I was sent this book a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to look at it until now.  Miss L is still off school, much better than she was and is now bored out of her head so this book has come in handy for Halloween craft ideas.

It’s a collection of over 25 ideas from Bloggers and Etsy Store owners like PeculiarMomma, Knitting with Floss and EmandSprout amongst others.  I love the idea of a book of Blogger inspired goodness, it really made me smile.

As you’d expect the ideas are fresh, stylish and fun, and more importantly for a non crafty person like me – easy to make!  If you’re a knitter there are some cute patterns for mini witches, Dracula’s candy bow,  knitted bones and my personal favourite the ‘Vampire bite’ necklace – which is so cool!

We’re going to make the graveyard cupcakes, ghosts toasts (to pop in soup), the cute tangerine pumpkins and some bottled ‘potions’ to give to Miss L’s friends.  If you’re into Halloween Crafts or want some projects to keep the kids entertained over half term it’s a fun book.  I’ve just added to the Violet Posy Amazon Book Store and it’s £6.99 (normally £9.99 in stores) but check with your local library – they may have a copy.

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