I wrote this on Saturday morning because I really didn’t have a clue what else to do with myself. But to let you all know we got home yesterday and Miss L is doing really well thanks to all the fantastic care by the staff at Addenbrookes children’s unit.  I’d also like to thank not only our family and friends but everyone on Twitter and Facebook who gave us so much support with such kind messages when we were in there – it really meant a lot.


It’s 7am and I’m sitting watching my family sleep peacefully, except we’re not at home we’re in hospital. Once again the NHS has come to the aid of my family and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Last night Miss L’s after days of being ill temperature shot up to 41.5 degrees and we just couldn’t get it down. I sat with her in the bath trying to cool her down, crying silently so she wouldn’t realise and therefore not scare her; because my ‘mummy’ sense was telling me something was really wrong and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

When we got her out I saw a  dark rash that was starting to spread across her body. Panic at that point totally set in, and we got her dressed, popped her into the car and drove straight to our Children’s A&E.

They gave her meds and tried to cool her down but by 1am it was apparent she needed further intervention and they put in a cannula to give her IV antibiotics. But the first cannula failed and missed her vein (in fairness we have rubbish veins in my family!) so it took a further 3 attempts to get one in. Bless her, despite being obviously terrified she sat there and took it, whilst consoling the Dr with ‘it’s okay, practice makes perfect’. 🙂

At 2am they decides to admit her for the night and we were bought to the children’s ward by the fabulous a&e sister who sang to Miss L and gave her a ‘being brave’ award. I can’t thank her enough for all the professionalism her team showed whilst we were in her care. The place was full, but nothing was too much trouble.

Thankfully the children’s ward (which last night was ‘Florence Nightengaleesq’ – lots of nurses with torches) has a bed right next to the childs, so we’ve been taking it in turns to sleep

So here we are waiting for Miss L to wake up and hopefully feel better. I have everything crossed.

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  1. How very very scary. Glad you trusted your instincts and got her to hospital, and that the hospital had such a great childrens ward. Here’s to a bit of time enjoying your recovery and hope that you have managed to well and truely nail that virus on the head! Best wishes to you all x

  2. That was very scary – but you obviously did the right thing, and I’m so glad she’s better now. Do they know what it was?

    1. In end they thought it was a UTI because of the blood in the urine. But as she had no pain, they weren’t totally sure but just treated it like one and that seemed to work thankfully.

  3. I am so pleased that you followed your instincts. I am a huge supporter of the NHS having needed them myself and also been there and done that with both Maxi and MIni. Hats off to the wonderful nursing staff

    1. Thankyou Jane. I’m ok now I’ve had a hot bath and a good night’s sleep, I feel for the women who are there day in day out for months. I have no idea how they do it and they have my utmost respect. They think L had a UTI but weren’t entirely sure, but whatever it was has responded to the antibiotics thankfully.

  4. I’m so glad everything is OK. So so worrying when they’re in hospital. This is when the NHS truly comes into its own, I think – a famous writer (can’t remember who) once said that when the NHS decides there’s something wrong with you, they really swing into action, and it’s still true, thank goodness xxx

  5. I don’t follow Twitter and Facebook really, I am more of a blog girl. So I didn’t know that Lily was ill. I can understand how scared you and your husband were. And I am very happy that Lily is well again. Hopefully you are able to get some rest now.
    Take care!

  6. Oh my, Liz. Poor all of you! How terrifying!! My little girl was ill when she was but an infant, but I remember thinking “This would be far worse” with the toddler, who can sense the fear and who doesn’t always understand what is going on! Must have been so dreadful for you!

    Glad to hear things are better!!!

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