Sick Day

An odd illness has descended upon our house. I picked up Miss L from school yesterday and just before she came out her teacher took me to one side said that she’d been very pale all afternoon.  When Miss L walked out of school, she took one look at me and burst into floods of tears, when I cuddled her I realised she was burning up.

It turns out that she’d been feeling ill since lunchtime and didn’t like to say anything and her friends had been helping her get from class to class – poor thing!  I got her home and took her temperature which was 40.5, so obviously straight into a bath and was given some Calpol and Nurofen to bring her temperature down. But it didn’t come down that much only a degree, and while I couldn’t see a rash on her anywhere, she was complaining of a headache and everywhere hurting – so I called the Doctor.

I’m more than a little bit paranoid about Meningitis. I worked with a woman year ago who’s niece died at age 6 from it, and it happened within 24 hours – just horrific!. Since then if there is anything like this I’m straight down to the GP and demanding to see someone – I’m sure they must have a paranoid note on my records!  But I’d rather look stupid than not get her help straight away.

But Miss L was checked out and thankfully no sign of an infection,  her ears and throat all ok, just a really, really high temperature – which is still there this morning.  And guess what…yes I have it this morning as well!  So today will mostly be us snuggling in bed and sleeping.  I have a massive pile of magazines I’ve not read, and she has CBBC on the ipad to keep her company.  Hopefully it’s a quick virus and we’ll both be better tomorrow.

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  1. My daughter had something similar last week, raging temperature but no cough or anything else. She just lay on the sofa all Saturday and most of Sunday and then she all of a sudden was right as rain! Very odd. I don’t blame you for being cautious though, it’s best to be safe.

    Hope you are both feeling better soon
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  2. Hope you are better soon…we had a virus exactly like that come through at the end of term (July) and it was petrifying. My eldest was hit the hardest and fainted in the bathroom twice at about 5 am ..let me tell you NOT a pleasant way to wake up! Poor thing, I kept making her look up and into the light worried that it was something really serious. Thankfully it wasn’t and she was back to her old self about 48 hours later. I don’t think you are paranoid, just cautious… one needs to be!

  3. I hope you both feel better soon. There seems to be some sort of sickness and temperature virus sweeping our school. It’s vuris season!