{The Gallery} – Week 31 ‘My Favourite Picture’

Tara’s theme this week is ‘ Your favourite photo. And why.’

This is mine:

This was probably taken Spring 1973 and it’s me and my Dad.  I think in this photo my Dad would be about 23, and I’m guessing I was just over a year.  I was given it and other photos fairly recently by some elderly family friends who wanted to give us the Polaroid photos they had of us.  It was really sweet as otherwise I’d never have seen them.

To me, this photo sums up everything about our relationship, the give and take and how much we love each other and that makes it my favourite photo. Love you Dad xxx

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  1. What a beautiful photo! I bet it was wonderful to see it after all this time. He looks like a lovely dad. Sadly me and my dad don’t get along but it always lifts my heart when I hear of how close other people are to theirs. I hope my children will say things like that about my husband one day.
    Ms C´s last Post ..While I was waitingMy Profile

  2. I love these photos from the 70s – I have loads as well. They convey something that ‘new’ digital photos do not.

    Or maybe it’s just the faded colours…

    Either way, great one.

    LCM x

  3. As a fellow child of the 70s, I love those retro photographs. I would have included one myself- I’ve got some absolute gems of my Brother and I- but I don’t have a scanner. Memories of us with our parents when we/they were young are there to treasure. Lovely photo.