Yesterday my family were really sweet and let me have a nap, while they popped to the supermarket. And they bought me a present back, this fabulous looking pumpkin.

Which is a really, really perfect pumpkin with a difference

It’s tiny!

I’m dying to get more of these and make them into mini lanterns for Halloween, the are Munchkin Pumpkins from Waitrose but at 99p a bit pricey. So I’m hoping that when we go pumpkin picking this weekend we’ll find more the same size and not just massive ones. Wish me luck!

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  1. We have them in all the supermarkets here (a bit cheaper thank goodness) and everyone uses them to decorate table tops etc. I don’t think they’re edible though!

    1. Yeah the price is mad! I’d love to decorate the house with them, but not at that price. Thanks for the tip about not eating them x