{Thrifty Christmas} Guest Post – Rock and Bowl

Today’s guest post is from the blog ‘Where the Brass Band Plays’ over to the fabulously named tiddlyompompom

Last year we had a makey-doey christmas. We did it out of necessity (huge family, maternity pay ending etc etc), but it turned out to be really fun. Hard work, but fun.

One of the things we made were bowls from vinyl records. So easy and so cool. I was asked by several people how we made them, and I promised to write it up here so they too could melt stuff. Being the kind of person who gets things done eventually, here, ten months later, is how to make a record bowl.

You will need:

  • an oven (230F, 130C, 1/2 gas mark)
  • a record you no longer wish to listen to
  • an oven proof bowl
  • a bowl to put record in to shape it
  • oven gloves

First up, choose a record that you no longer want. We got some from charity shops and were able to choose bands appropriate to the person we were giving it to.

a record that needed to be melted if ever there was one

Put the oven proof bowl upside down on the oven shelf and place the record on top of the bowl.

cooking a record

Leave for ten minutes.

WARNING: The record will be UNBELIEVABLY HOT when you take it out, so use oven gloves or tongs. Unless you don’t want skin on your fingers, in which case carry on.

Put the record into your other bowl and shape. You will have to work fast as the vinyl will cool quickly.

record bowl

If you’re not happy with the shape of your bowl, just put it back in the oven and start again.

Once you have got it into a shape you are happy with leave it to cool.

record bowl 2

Then use/give away as you please.

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