{Fall Nesting Party} Table Makeover

As we woke up to the first autumnal mists this morning it seems appropriate to join Melissa at The Inspired Room‘s ‘Fall Nesting Party’ where you can share how you change your home for the new Autumn season.  My first post is the makeover of a sad little table I’ve had sitting in the corner of the dining room for the last 10 years. When we moved into our first house it was sitting out in our lean to it’d been left by the last owner as she didn’t want it. I was delighted with it, it’s a lovely shape but I’ve never been too sure what to do with it.

As you can see it needed some love, and I decided to take the plunge and paint it.   I did think about painting it white or cream, but I just felt it might look a bit out of place and too glaring, so I settled on Farrow & Ball ‘Lamp Room Grey’ which is the colour of the sky here in the autumn. As the table isn’t that big a tester pot for £3.00 covered it perfectly.

I did two coats of paint and as the paint dries pretty quickly the table was done in under and hour. Here’s the finished table – sorry not very autumnal but there’s not a lot in the shops here in the UK yet.

What do you think?  I’m really pleased with it and Paul likes it so much he’s letting me paint our bookcases in the same colour!  I just need to finish the kitchen first 🙂

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Link Love – The August/Early September Edition

I’ve not done one of these for ages due to the summer holidays, so there are lots of fabulous posts I have sitting on my GReader and I thought it was finally time to share them with you. So when you have five minutes, sit back, relax with a nice hot drink and enjoy.

Home & Design

Stories of A-Z – Chalkboard Paint Party – I’m a bit obsessed with this page at the moment, some great ideas

Tip Junkie – Halloween Decorating Ideas – bit early but hey I love Halloween 🙂

Remodelling this Life – Morning walk – a photo walk around her neighbourhood.

City Sage – Outfit to Room – What an eye for detail Anne has.

Inspired Room – The prettiest utility room ever

Whatever – Little More Kitchen – Teresa’s kitchen makeover is coming on a treat.

Bobby Robin – Tiny Violet Hand Puff – violets!!

Bambino Goodies – Room Tour: Shared Space – brilliant ideas for room sharing


The Rubbish Diet – Zero Waste Week – Karen will be hanging out at Saints all week (no change there ;)) I’ll be heading over for a coffee and a chat there too.


Cherry Menlove – Mum’s Lime and Blackberry Cheesecake – Love her blog, love her recipes.

Smitten Kitchen – Blueberry Muffins


Mummy Tips – Report from Ad Din Hospital Bangladesh – brilliant work by all concerned.

The Madhouse – A Letter to Mini – beautiful first day letter to her son.

Crystal Jigsaw – Is your child bored? – I know mine was!

Sticky Fingers – Lost – we’ve all been there, but a good reminder of what to tell your children.


Yvestown – Clearout – Yvonne is having a clear out and personally I’d buy it all! Look out for more of her stuff coming to Ebay soon too.

Shedworking – Children’s Playhouse Design Competition – design a playhouse and get it made up

Brooklyn Limestone – Her most popular photos – just stunning.


Arcade Fire – Interactive video – so so so cool pop in your childhood postcode and be impressed. All done in HTML5 geek mama’s

Tip Junkie – Blogging 101 – Adding a Navigation Bar with Images – Saves me writing it 🙂

A Modern Mother – iPhone 4 Screen Shattering – *sob* – get a cover is the lesson.

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{The Gallery} Week 26 – Back to School

The theme for most of us this week has been getting our children back to school, so it’s also the theme of the Gallery this week from Tara.

Miss L was moving from her very small infants school to junior school which is much larger and about a mile away from her original school.  So she was feeling a little nervous which is very unlike my girl. But you know what it’s like when you go from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a much larger pond, it’s pretty daunting.  No longer would she and her friends have a massive field to run on, trees to climb and where will they make their snowmen when winter comes? These were just a few of her worries, which we tried to explain away and treat with lots of cuddles.

Over the holidays we bought the new uniform, I named it all which took forever! And by the front door yesterday, it all sat there waiting to be moved to new pegs and shelves at the big school.

And you know what happened, after weeks of worrying she skipped down to breakfast, and decided she was ready. She’d had enough of the house (and me), she wanted to see her friends and start learning again.

Suddenly everything she’d been fretting about melted away and my brave adventurous girl was back again – a brilliant way to start the new school year.

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What to do…

..when your broadband goes down for 48 hours – Read Martha!

I had nothing to read, so I bought Martha Stewart’s magazine to keep me company. There are some fabulous ideas in here this month for kitchen re-orgs and I got some Thrifty Christmas inspiration.  Great stuff!

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Beetroot Help

Very kindly my Mum sent us a food box of produce from her garden and some of her neighbours eggs which are the best eggs ever (they come from
rescue battery hens). And in the box were two beetroot – what on earth do I do with them?? Pickling seems dull, does anyone have any good recipes for beetroot?

(my broadband is down for the weekend so I’ll reply as soon I can)

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