Back to the Future

It’s 1985, and I’m 13 with my friends for our weekly Friday night trip to Purley Cinema. As usual there is a massive bunch of us, we’re all looking forward to watching a movie, chucking some popcorn and seeing some boys who aren’t from our school.  The movie comes on and for the first time ever we actually watch the movie.  No messing about,  just enthralled at the story in front of us.   To say we loved ‘Back to the Future’ is an understatement, we went back to see it seven times – a record I have still yet to break for any film at the cinema. It was one of those fantastic childhood memories you look back on and wonder how on earth it was 25 years ago?.

If you’ve never seen it here’s the trailer

This is the trailer for the Bluray DVD 25th Anniversary release of all three films.  But if you are lucky enough to be in the UK they are re-releasing the first film at the Cinema from tomorrow. I’m just wondering if I can fit in seven trips again…

*not a sponosored post – just a geeky obsessive*

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  1. I love that move and still find myself quoting “Take your damn hands off her.” way more than someone should. Back to the Future is definitely in my top 20 list of movies I can watch at anytime. Maybe I’ll make a post about my list of movies that people have to see.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Sunday DriveMy Profile

  2. 25 years ago? No way! One of my favourite films and you remind me that Chris picked up a DVD of it for me the other day, so I shall definitely have to watch it to celebrate 25 years. Or maybe I’ll go watch it in the cinema, even. Will see if it’s showing here.
    Tasha Goddard´s last Post ..The Gallery- FoodMy Profile

  3. It’s just the best plot and just looks and feels so believable. I could and have watched it over and over. We’ve got our trip to the cinema booked in geeky me, geeky husband and geeky brothers, can’t wait.
    Emily´s last Post ..Trying something newMy Profile

  4. I ADORE this trilogy and have watched it literally hundreds of times. I have all three on my Sky Planner, recorded 😀

    However, I’m quite disappointed – I thought’d they’d have done a 2015 30th Anniversary re-release – you know – from BTTF2 where he goes forward. They could have given away a free hoverboard with each cinema ticket 😉
    Nickie@Typecast´s last Post ..PINK FRIDAY 1 – Cop A FeelMy Profile