Weekend Away

We’ve just had a fantastic weekend, it started on Friday when Interflora sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because they like the blog, they made it the same colours as the blog and they are just stunning. Nothing makes me smile more than a giant bunch of flowers!

On Saturday we left Miss L and Betty with my parents and headed down to London to see one of our friends in his first boxing match. Getting back from London isn’t too bad but I decided that we needed a bit of luxe, so I booked a hotel to stay at for the night – any excuse to have a night away!. We got down there mid afternoon and as the fight was at London Bridge, we headed down to the South Bank to walk along the Thames and find somewhere to have dinner and a drink or two.

It was the most gorgeous late autumn day

We ended up spending most of the afternoon in ‘All Bar One’ near Thames Shad, which serves some surprisingly nice food and the cocktails were pretty nice too! We don’t often get to spend time on our own, so it was great to catch up properly without being interrupted and just get to chill out and enjoy each other’s company. When we left the river was still looking beautiful, the sun was just going down.

We wandered over to where the fight was and met up with our friends. The fight was ‘White Collar Boxing’ which is where people have trained to box who have generally no previous experience at boxing and have just been training in a gym. None of us knew what to expect, as you can imagine boxing isn’t really my thing and I was just really going to support our friend. But you know what it we had a really good time, the venue was really nice and well run. This sign near the ladies toilets made me giggle – my kind of place!

I have no idea why no stilettos? Maybe the floor surface?? But I can like anywhere that bans stilettos, speaking as a converse girl.

After that the rest of the evening was bit of a blur, our friend won (yay!), we cheered lots and lost our voices and then headed happily back to the hotel. A really fantastic night and we are very, very proud of our friend for winning his match – thanks for inviting us down we’ll come again anytime!

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  1. The pictures over the Thames look beautiful.
    I would love to watch someone I knew boxing – my dad used to teach boxing in ‘The Boys Club’ – that’s going back a good few years – over 40 at least
    sue´s last Post ..Made in TouraineMy Profile

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend. The pictures makes me want to plan a trip to England for sometime next year. So many places I want to go since I have started reading the blogs and seeing how everyone spends their weekends and holidays. It also reminds me that I should take more pictures when I travel and just in time for my visit to Texas this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing the highlights of your weekend.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Sunday DriveMy Profile

  3. Flowers are lovely and the weekend seems pretty fab too, seems like you had really decent weather for it. I am not sure I could sit through a boxing match though!