Slummy Mummy

Does this happen to anyone else?  4.45pm I pick up child from school, child announces that tomorrow her class will be having a cake sale and ‘Mummy can you make me some cakes to take in?’.

It’s 4.45PM, I have homework to do with her, dinner, bath and bed to do before 7pm – no way am I making cakes with 12 hours notice! Seriously they have a million ways of contacting me and generally spam me with all sorts of rubbish (do I care about Year 7 Rugby?), but tell me about something I need to cook for – no not a thing!

So Tesco’s Cupcakes + Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting + Sugar Sprinkles = some magical looking cupcakes

Am I the only one this happens to? Does anyone have a better ‘instant’ cake cheat?

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  1. Done it lots especially when you can buy twelve ready made cakes for 99p. Costs more to make them doesn’t it.
    They look lovely. 🙂