{The Gallery} – A Smile

Tara’s theme this week is a ‘Smile’ based on Dave Fowler’s Mona Lisa Project which aims to raise One Million Dollars for charities.

I didn’t manage to capture Miss L’s first smile on a photo, so this is slightly cheating this week it’s a video instead.  Miss L was a month old when I shot this and I can’t believe she was ever this small now! But her first smile even if I say so myself was very adorable.

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  1. We have a similar video. Like you say it seems so hard to believe they were ever that small now.
    She made me smile with her smile so gorgeous 🙂

  2. Oh, what a beautiful baby your Lily was. It’s been said before, but there really is something so special about a baby’s first smile. You want to be the one they smile at first, don’t you? I am so broody at the moment. My ovaries are pinging now. x