September is flying by, it seems like moments ago Miss L was heading back to school and I was starting up work again. But between settling her into her new school and getting my head back into work, it’s put me totally behind in getting Thrifty Christmas up and running. I’ve not had a chance to make a thing yet, even the easiest tiny project I was going to start is still sitting on the side in the hallway. So I’ll be launching it on October 1st instead – sorry about that!  But I have been collecting links from more organized folk to give you some inspiration in the meantime and I’ll post that soon.

At the weekend we had lots of fun walking the dog and collecting conkers from the local trees. I do think Miss L is the only small child in our town who still collects them, as there are loads on the ground and still in the trees.

As much as I hate to say this because it makes me feel old,  they would have been long gone by now when I was a kid.  I remember spending hours with my friends throwing sticks at trees to knock them down.  I guess they’re not allowed to play it at school anymore, it does make me wonder why. Has anyone actually ever been blinded by a conker?

Yesterday after school,  we spent time putting holes though them with a screwdriver and then stringing them which led to a family game of conkers which Paul one due to my rubbish threading 🙂 Pah round 2 today after school I think, I need to win back my crown!

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    1. They are horse chestnuts from the horsechestnut trees. Kids get the nuts, put a hole in the, add string and then you have a competition taking it in turns to hit them until one breaks.

  1. My OH loves conkers! Every conker tree we’ve walked past he’s grabbed some to show Oli what they are. Cant wait until we as a family can have some traditional conker fighting. 🙂
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