Winter Snuggling

I’m entering my snuggling winter period.  Having gone through my wardrobe I realised a lot of my jumpers needed replacing as they’d shrunk, bobbled or had puppy nibbled holes in them – classy!  So I’ve been shopping and bought a couple of new ones.

Jumper Dress from Monsoon £55 – great for chucking over jeans/leggings for the school run.

Long Oatmeal Jumper £32 – Dorothy Perkins – I’m currently living in this and I love it to bits.

I need a new winter coat too, but I’m not having a lot of luck finding one I like – any ideas?

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  1. Love both of them and so reasonably priced! I need new winter wear too. I need to go through all my old and do a donation first.
    best get on that, since the weather is changing so quickly.

  2. I find it kind of amazing that when I get up and read through a few blogs that someone will randomly be on the topic that I am thinking about with my waking thought. Winter wear seems to have been the winner today. Being a procrastinator I can appreciate seeing that someone is proactive. Also nice to see stylish choices for the jumpers, where I live style goes right out the window when it comes to staying warm.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Heavy ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. Kelly, I hear you! I would wear a slanket 24/7 in the winter given half a chance 🙂 I’m all about staying warm, where we live it gets cold very quickly too.

  3. Yes, I am guilty of staying warm but I usually resort to staying inside. Last December I did go to Montreal on vacation and bought a wonderful winter coat there to go with my snow boots. I think a nice warm hat and some mittens and I might be ready for the cold. I think after the amount of snow we got last year I will consider a snow shovel as well.
    Kelly´s last Post ..Heavy ThoughtsMy Profile

    1. Canada does well the best cold weather gear, my husband bought a lovely winter coat in Vancouver a couple of years ago. I wish I’d done the same. I think a snow shovel will be on our list as well this year, we had so much snow last year too.

  4. Those are both GORGEOUS. BTW, does VS ship to the UK? Because their sweaters are gorgeous and generally pretty affordable…and they have a GREAT coat selection…if you really want, have it sent to me and I will post it over to you. 🙂