{Toy Review} Part One

I don’t do a massive amount of reviews, mainly because I get offered a lot and it’s all I’d ever end up doing.   However I am bit of a sucker for Miss L being sent things, and I actually like toy reviews.  They can save you money and annoyance.  For example I really wish I’d read any reviews of the Playmobil Pyramid before we asked my parents to buy it last Christmas. As a toy it’s ok, but it’s such a pain to store.  Seriously unless you have a playroom steer well clear, it’s massive and falls apart in seconds.

I’ll be doing this in two parts because we’ve only opened half the toys, I thought it was a bit much for Miss L to have so many at once. So we’re doing half this week and half next – look away now if you don’t like reviews…

…first up Blendy Pens – Prices range between £9.99 and £19.99 (Google Shopping)

Miss L’s review:

‘When it works it’s really nice, but they are quite hard’  8/10

Liz’s review:

These were the first out the box, which I was surprised by I thought for sure she’d go for the microscope, but something about these appealed to her. Basically these are felt tip pens which you can screw the tips together to create new colours which was lots of fun and they come with some paper which has different texture on when you colour.

However they weren’t that easy for little hands to screw together though, and it made it quite frustrating for her to use which explains why she stopped playing with them after about 10 minutes. They are probably perfect for a 9-11 year olds but I don’t think they would work for younger children sub 5 children. So a 6/10 from me .

Second up – Sylvanian Families Toy Shop (£13.49- £24.99), Brown Rabbit Family (About £20), Dessert Counter (£9.99 – £12.99 Google Shopping)  

Miss L Review:

‘Good, I really liked building the little models, and having a shop. They can join my collection.’  10/10

Liz Review:

I have bit of a soft spot for Sylvanian Families. I bought them originally for her because we have a vintage dolls house and as she couldn’t play with the lead toys I did as a kid (I’m so strict like that :))  I looked at Dolls House furniture and decided that while it was cute I didn’t want to sell a kidney – seriously why is so expensive? £20 for a tiny 4 poster bed!

So I settled on Sylvanian Families as they were cheaper and the right size and you got about 10 pieces in a ‘room’ box.  Miss L now normally buys them out of her allowance or gets them as gifts for Christmas.

As soon as she opened them she was entranced with them and played shops with them until bedtime.  They are now scattered over the dining room table and are played with every morning over breakfast.

My only gripe with them is the amount of wrapping on them, every piece of plastic doesn’t need to be individually wrapped in more plastic and it means it takes far too long to open it – just my opinion.

So an 8/10 from me.

Last but not least this review – Zhu, Zhu Pets – (£9.99 Google Shopping)

Miss L Review

‘It’s very good and makes lots of funny noises and I can make them race each other’ 10/10

Liz Review

Miss L was obsessed by these a few months ago and bought one with her pocket money and she does love them. I don’t get it, but I’m not 7.  So she was delighted to have another one to play with and she and Paul spent ages racing them down the hallway!  They also mean I don’t have to buy an actual hamster so a 9/10 from me 🙂

Part 2 of the great toy review will be next week.

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