Back to the Future

It’s 1985, and I’m 13 with my friends for our weekly Friday night trip to Purley Cinema. As usual there is a massive bunch of us, we’re all looking forward to watching a movie, chucking some popcorn and seeing some boys who aren’t from our school.  The movie comes on and for the first time ever we actually watch the movie.  No messing about,  just enthralled at the story in front of us.   To say we loved ‘Back to the Future’ is an understatement, we went back to see it seven times – a record I have still yet to break for any film at the cinema. It was one of those fantastic childhood memories you look back on and wonder how on earth it was 25 years ago?.

If you’ve never seen it here’s the trailer

This is the trailer for the Bluray DVD 25th Anniversary release of all three films.  But if you are lucky enough to be in the UK they are re-releasing the first film at the Cinema from tomorrow. I’m just wondering if I can fit in seven trips again…

*not a sponosored post – just a geeky obsessive*

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3rd Blogaversary

Oops I missed my Blogaversary, it was 10 days ago – rubbish blogger alert!.  But I’d really like to thank everyone who reads Violet Posy, all the people who comment, tweet me and follow the blog on Facebook and Friend Connect. Your support really means a lot to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I really wouldn’t be here without you guys.
I didn’t have time to do a big giveaway this time round – they are such hard work to organize!  So this year I’m doing something a bit different and tieing it into ‘Thrifty Christmas’. If you have an Etsy, Folksy or small online store I’m going to create a separate Christmas shopping page which you can advertise on – for FREE!

So what you need to do is send me via email a badge (preferably 125×125), the link to your shop and a brief description of what you sell and I’ll put it in the relevant category on my Christmas Shopping page.  I want to support small home based companies, and give a boost to your Christmas sales.  I’ll be taking down the page on 28th December, but it gives you a good 3 months advertising.

To cover my butt, obviously I reserve the right to not put a site up if I think it’s not right for the blog – big companies and filth need not apply! Or to take down an ad if I get any complaints, I can’t imagine it happening but I have to say it in case.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Slummy Mummy

Does this happen to anyone else?  4.45pm I pick up child from school, child announces that tomorrow her class will be having a cake sale and ‘Mummy can you make me some cakes to take in?’.

It’s 4.45PM, I have homework to do with her, dinner, bath and bed to do before 7pm – no way am I making cakes with 12 hours notice! Seriously they have a million ways of contacting me and generally spam me with all sorts of rubbish (do I care about Year 7 Rugby?), but tell me about something I need to cook for – no not a thing!

So Tesco’s Cupcakes + Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting + Sugar Sprinkles = some magical looking cupcakes

Am I the only one this happens to? Does anyone have a better ‘instant’ cake cheat?

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Weekend Away

We’ve just had a fantastic weekend, it started on Friday when Interflora sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because they like the blog, they made it the same colours as the blog and they are just stunning. Nothing makes me smile more than a giant bunch of flowers!

On Saturday we left Miss L and Betty with my parents and headed down to London to see one of our friends in his first boxing match. Getting back from London isn’t too bad but I decided that we needed a bit of luxe, so I booked a hotel to stay at for the night – any excuse to have a night away!. We got down there mid afternoon and as the fight was at London Bridge, we headed down to the South Bank to walk along the Thames and find somewhere to have dinner and a drink or two.

It was the most gorgeous late autumn day

We ended up spending most of the afternoon in ‘All Bar One’ near Thames Shad, which serves some surprisingly nice food and the cocktails were pretty nice too! We don’t often get to spend time on our own, so it was great to catch up properly without being interrupted and just get to chill out and enjoy each other’s company. When we left the river was still looking beautiful, the sun was just going down.

We wandered over to where the fight was and met up with our friends. The fight was ‘White Collar Boxing’ which is where people have trained to box who have generally no previous experience at boxing and have just been training in a gym. None of us knew what to expect, as you can imagine boxing isn’t really my thing and I was just really going to support our friend. But you know what it we had a really good time, the venue was really nice and well run. This sign near the ladies toilets made me giggle – my kind of place!

I have no idea why no stilettos? Maybe the floor surface?? But I can like anywhere that bans stilettos, speaking as a converse girl.

After that the rest of the evening was bit of a blur, our friend won (yay!), we cheered lots and lost our voices and then headed happily back to the hotel. A really fantastic night and we are very, very proud of our friend for winning his match – thanks for inviting us down we’ll come again anytime!

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September is flying by, it seems like moments ago Miss L was heading back to school and I was starting up work again. But between settling her into her new school and getting my head back into work, it’s put me totally behind in getting Thrifty Christmas up and running. I’ve not had a chance to make a thing yet, even the easiest tiny project I was going to start is still sitting on the side in the hallway. So I’ll be launching it on October 1st instead – sorry about that!  But I have been collecting links from more organized folk to give you some inspiration in the meantime and I’ll post that soon.

At the weekend we had lots of fun walking the dog and collecting conkers from the local trees. I do think Miss L is the only small child in our town who still collects them, as there are loads on the ground and still in the trees.

As much as I hate to say this because it makes me feel old,  they would have been long gone by now when I was a kid.  I remember spending hours with my friends throwing sticks at trees to knock them down.  I guess they’re not allowed to play it at school anymore, it does make me wonder why. Has anyone actually ever been blinded by a conker?

Yesterday after school,  we spent time putting holes though them with a screwdriver and then stringing them which led to a family game of conkers which Paul one due to my rubbish threading 🙂 Pah round 2 today after school I think, I need to win back my crown!

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{The Gallery} – A Smile

Tara’s theme this week is a ‘Smile’ based on Dave Fowler’s Mona Lisa Project which aims to raise One Million Dollars for charities.

I didn’t manage to capture Miss L’s first smile on a photo, so this is slightly cheating this week it’s a video instead.  Miss L was a month old when I shot this and I can’t believe she was ever this small now! But her first smile even if I say so myself was very adorable.

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Autumn Jobs – Clearing the Garden

One of the jobs that always needs to be done in at our house is the autumn garden tidy.  The recent rain and sun has made all the hedges in our garden grow like mad and everything needed cutting back for the winter.  My Dad and his hedge trimmers came to help out which saved us a *lot* of time it would have taken forever doing it manually.

I do love the hedges in our garden, a lot of wildlife live and forage in them. Hedges also need less upkeep and last longer than fences but they do need some maintenance.  We tend to do it annually but you could leave it every 18 months or so. Luckily this year Dad took away the cuttings as he can dispose of them, but in previous years we have had to hire a skip to put it all in.

Below is the before, a bit overgrown and needing some attention. All the rain and sun we’ve had for weeks, had really made it go mad.

After  – Looking much neater and tidier.

Another job around the house completed, just need to get on with that kitchen!

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Rue Magazine

As most of you know I have bit of a magazine addiction and well the internet is just another enabler – here’s a previous post about some of my favourites.  And today a new one will be joining the list… Rue

Rue is the brainchild of my lovely blog friend Anne Sage of The City Sage and Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate. They are both incredibly stylish bloggers and fabulous sources of style, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they and their team come up with.  Rue will publish online bi-monthly and should launch today with some downloadable stationery as a first issue bonus. If you have time, have a coffee and enjoy!

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{The Gallery} Week 27 – A Celebration

Ooops just noticed I’d totally missed this week’s prompt.  This week’s theme is ‘A Celebration’ over at Sticky Fingers and my choice is mine and Paul’s joint Stag/Hen do eight years ago. Apart from our wedding, it was the last time we had all our friends in the same place at the same time.  After that we all moved around the country, had families, and some lost touch.  As a result it was a very special night for us and the pictures bring back some lovely memories.

We didn’t do the usual separate parties because we shared the same friends and it seemed a bit odd doing something with only half the group. So we all went to the pub and then out for a curry – just a brilliant, fun night out.

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Winter Snuggling

I’m entering my snuggling winter period.  Having gone through my wardrobe I realised a lot of my jumpers needed replacing as they’d shrunk, bobbled or had puppy nibbled holes in them – classy!  So I’ve been shopping and bought a couple of new ones.

Jumper Dress from Monsoon £55 – great for chucking over jeans/leggings for the school run.

Long Oatmeal Jumper £32 – Dorothy Perkins – I’m currently living in this and I love it to bits.

I need a new winter coat too, but I’m not having a lot of luck finding one I like – any ideas?

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{Toy Review} Part One

I don’t do a massive amount of reviews, mainly because I get offered a lot and it’s all I’d ever end up doing.   However I am bit of a sucker for Miss L being sent things, and I actually like toy reviews.  They can save you money and annoyance.  For example I really wish I’d read any reviews of the Playmobil Pyramid before we asked my parents to buy it last Christmas. As a toy it’s ok, but it’s such a pain to store.  Seriously unless you have a playroom steer well clear, it’s massive and falls apart in seconds.

I’ll be doing this in two parts because we’ve only opened half the toys, I thought it was a bit much for Miss L to have so many at once. So we’re doing half this week and half next – look away now if you don’t like reviews…

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As we’ve gotten further into September, we as a family have been harvesting our crops from both my garden and from my parents allotment.  Here’s Dad and Miss L harvesting a crop of salad potatos, which are now all washed and stored in potato bags.

Arthur waiting to help harvest the runner beans.

However there is one very important crop I can’t harvest at the moment – my apples!  They are all ripe for picking but we had an unexpected last minute visitor.

Normally the female dove nests in the tree in the spring, and has never been here in the autumn. So until they’ve flown the nest, our apple tree is off limits.  But it’s lovely to watch them flying in and out of the tree while I’m washing up, which more than makes up for a lack of apple pies.

What are you harvesting?

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