From Toddler to ‘Tween – Bedroom Makeover

I decided a couple of weeks ago that it’s time to upgrade Miss L’s bedroom as she’s gotten to that age again. As of September she’ll have more school work and will need a desk to work at. She’s also growing up and needing more clothes storage and will be having friends to stay soon for sleepovers.  So time to upgrade the toddler/pre-school room – although I’m not allowed to get rid of the pink yet.

Miss L currently has a double bed in her room left over from the non-sleeping days (I got fed up of sleeping on the floor!)  Getting rid of the double and replacing it with a single bed, means that her room is really going to open up and give a massive amount of floor space. This means I can get a desk in her room (sourced from the local junk shop and waiting to be repainted) which she’ll need for junior school homework.  But I still need to find a home/throw out all the junk from under her bed – I think the tip is probably the best place for most of it! Here’s before:

So what I need to incorporate into her new room

Single Bed

Bedside Table

Desk & Chair

Rocking Chair (apparently it’s being saved for my grandchildren!)

Chest of Drawers

Expedit Shelves from Ikea

Billy Bookcase from Ikea.


Here’s during

Here’s a quick tour of the room to be from Miss L (taken with my lovely Kodak vi8)

I’ve managed to get pretty much everything in, but I’m going to have to lose a piece of furniture or two and I think it needs to be the chest & dolls house, so she can keep her rocking chair and add the desk.  The dolls house can live on the top of the Ikea unit , and the chest I had in my bedroom when I was a kid so it can live in a shed until we have enough space in a new house.  And here is the finished product

There is now loads more room in there for playing (she had 2 friends & her in there yesterday and there was loads of space), and she loves her new princess bed. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. So now to finish the kitchen and lounge!

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Ikea 2011 Picks (UK)

It’s that time of year again.  August is the month when I get a little too excited about the new Ikea Catalogue coming out.  Here are my picks from the upcoming 2011 collection:

EDLAND Dressing-table £139.00
BRADA Laptop support £9.99

ALVINE ORTER Single quilt cover set £5.99
OLLE Chair £29.00
MELLTORPHERMAN Table and 4 chairs £69.00
ARYD Candlesticks for candle block candle £8.99
DUKTIG Vegtables £5.99

All images courtesy of Ikea

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3 Today

Betty turns 3 today, and despite the fact that my house is covered in her hair and she eats us out of house and home we love her so much. She can literally cuddle you as she’s so big (and she often does when I’m washing up), and although she’s massive she tries to make herself smaller to fit on the sofa for a nap next to you.  She makes me laugh everyday, and loves us all unconditionally. Happy Birthday B we love you xx

Here’s a video of pretty much how much she owns me 🙂

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Ghosts of World War II

At the moment we are mid summer holiday fun, so I’ve been awol from here, Twitter and Facebook – kinda of nice truth be told. Even my Google Reader has been abandoned in favour of playing Harry Potter on the Wii with Miss L. Seriously I thought I had early onset arthritis in my finger joints until I realised I’d been playing Wii for 3 days straight and it’s just a case of Wii finger 🙂

But enough rambling, I spotted this yesterday on one of my rare trips onto G Reader and it’s just stunning so I thought I’d share it on here.  Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov has taken modern photos from the same angle as World War II images and then overlayed them in photoshop. So you get a modernshot with ghostly war images where they originally were. A fantastic piece of social media/history and a massive amount of hard work must have gone into them.  Check out the photos here

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Cats & Dogs 2 – The Revenge of Kitty Galore Gala

Miss L and I were invited to the gala opening (which is a premiere with no stars apparently) of Cats & Dogs 2 in London this weekend.  I really enjoyed the first film, Miss L hadn’t seen it and neither of us knew what to expect at a gala opening. Now as desperate as both of us were to walk down the red carpet in a fancy dress, the dress code was smart casual and people were invite to bring their cats and dogs too.

We didn’t bring Betty with us, despite the fact she understands phrases like ‘I need to get a cup of coffee’ (she runs instantly into the kitchen) and ‘Are you coming over here for a cuddle’ (jumps on the sofa and gets her belly out), things like ‘heel’, ‘sit’, ‘stop barking like a loony’ seem to escape her!

However lots of people with well behaved dogs bought theirs with them (although we saw no cats) and the dogs were treated to a grooming session and creche while their owners enjoyed the movie.  The kids also were treated balloon animals and some fabulous looking face painting were available for the kids as well as some cool goodie bags, they were spoilt rotten!

Miss L felt very cool and grown up on the red carpet…..well so did I too – it was loads of fun! There were lots of photographers, who sensibly ignored us and got the guy behind us – no idea who he is but there is a photo below incase any of you know? But Gail Porter (looking fab with her new hair) and her lovely little girl were there, and Ruth Langsford (Eamonn Holmes’s new wife) was sitting in front of us with her friends and kids.

We finally sat down in our seats and saw the movie, we had the bonus of the pre-film Road Runner cartoon which was great (showing my age!). We’ve seen a lot of kids films recently ‘Furry Vengeance’, ‘Toy Story 3’ and a couple of others and while this was no Toy Story and lets face it few films are.

This was a fun kids movie for the summer holidays, Miss L was bouncing in her seat throughout and laughing like a drain – so I always take that as a good sign. The animals in it were amazing – obviously a lot of it was CGI but the animal actors were just brilliant and speaking as someone who can’t get her dog to walk in a lead without dragging me around town. I think animal trainers are just amazing.  I probably wouldn’t bother to see it in 3D unless you are a massive fan, but I would also say that about Toy Story 3 as well I just don’t think it’s worth the extra money. But all in all a big thumbs up from me and Miss L a fun summer movie.

Here’s the trailer if you want to see more.

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