Where do you Blog?

I thought this was quite cool, Centastional Girl is having a ‘where you blog’ party. Quite a lot of my favourite bloggers are in the US and they have the most fabulous blogging spaces, pretty desks, offices, all beautifully done out.  Umm me not so much.   I blog from the sofa, normally with a giant dog lying next to/on me  This is a picture taken from my Mac Book of me and my blogging pal.

This is the view from my blogging sofa:

I’m hoping that next year I’ll have somewhere more fabulous to show off.  I’m thinking blogging shed like my friend Karen over at the Rubbish Diet, it just gorgeous and I’m coveting it 🙂  Where do you blog?

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  1. From my sofa too except my view is slightly different in that instead of a yoga ball, there are lots of toy tractors!

  2. Such a cool post.. I blog from the corner of my corner sofa! I have recently started to use Oli’s tripp trapp as a desk though! 🙂

  3. I am an indiscriminate blogger, happy to blog in the garden, at the kitchen island, in bed and sometimes even at my desk. But said desk is on the first floor and I’m often too darned lazy to schlep all the way up there… I like that you and Betty have the same colour hair, by the way. V. glossy too, lucky you.