New Uniform

*Disclaimer – Tesco sent me a big box of Uniform*

A couple of weeks ago, I and loads of other Mummy Bloggers were approached by Tesco’s to see if we’d like some free school uniform AND we could nominate another Mummy Blogger to receive a kit for her children too!   So look at what’s just arrived:

There’s a skirt, trousers, polo shirts, normal shirts, cardigan and some stationery – all of which will come in handy, thank you Tesco’s.  And there was even a voucher in there for me, which will come in handy in about 6 weeks when I need to get a new jumper or coat. Also the giant box it came in is now a camp/boat/house in the middle of the lounge 🙂

So I’m nominating my good twitter buddy and Mum of 3 Paula who blogs at She’s a lovely person and a great blogger, enjoy the uniform  xx

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