Gap Kids now Online in the UK!

Many thanks to Nat at Bambino Goodies for sharing that Gap has now launched an online store in the UK (I too am ignoring that Banana Republic is now online also).

I’m not that worried about me, until Gap change their ‘Long and Lean’ jeans to the ‘Very Plump and Short’ range, my ass is not getting into their clothes.  However I love, love, love their clothes for Miss L. When she was a baby I bought a lot of clothes from there as the baby stuff is just adorable and lasted for ages. She was still wearing their 3-6 months stuff when she was about a year.  And if you have a problem keeping socks on your child, Gap baby socks are the only ones that ever stayed on her feet 🙂

Fast forward a few years and it’s now very hard to find age appropriate clothes for a tall 7 year old,  it drives me batty.   She never needs that much as she’s in school uniform most of the time, just a couple of dresses, tops and trousers normally do the trick for the winter.  Here’s the new shiny online store.


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