Nutella Day out at Legoland

*Disclaimer – I got a day out a Legoland and some nice bread*

We were invited to a ‘fun and informative breakfast briefing ‘with Nutella at Legoland. Now I’ve never really eaten Nutella, it wasn’t something my Mum ever bought when I was a kid. So I’ve never really had it in the cupboard at home, so I didn’t really know what it was like.

Last week the PR company sent us a hamper with some frankly gorgeous bread from ‘Hobbs House Bakery’ and a jar of Nutella, and as it’s turns out Paul and Miss L both love it! I’m still a bit ‘meh’ about it but I’m not a giant lover of nut based products, but they’ve had it on bread, toast, in porridge and out of the jar! So to be considered a hit in our house.

So yesterday we all traveled down to Legoland to take part in the breakfast briefing, not really knowing what to expect. Once we got there we were welcomed by the PR team who had obviously worked hard on the project and there was a lovely room and garden for the children to be looked after in by the childcare team. Paul went with Miss L and from the sound of it had more fun than she did – something about winning a rolling down the hill race? 🙂

There were a great collection of bloggers there and it was lovely to meet them all finally: Notsosinglemum, Morethanjustamother, Placeofmyown, Cookingcakesandcbildren, Beingamummy,, Me the man and the baby, Amothersramblings, Familyaffairsandothermatters, BubbleBoo and MaryPoppins

Upstairs we were greeted by the Nutella marketing team, Sian the nutritionalist and Karen Pine (@karenpine) who’s a Psychology Professor and Child Developmental Expert. First we had a really interesting talk from Karen about the psychology of food and how it relates to children, she covered everything from food refusal to picky eating. As Karen said kids sometimes use food to manipulate, independence & autonomy (mine certainly does!). But as it’s a phase it’s best ignored and eventually it will go away.

The most interesting fact for me as I have a very picky eater, is that Mums present a new food 3 times to a child. However children need to be presented 10-15 times with a new food before they’ll try it. Which would explain a lot in our house!

Here are Karen’s ideas
E example – set example have good habits
A attention – don’t focus too much on their eating or habits
T try, try again 10 or more times

We then had a talk from Sian the nutritionist and a Q&A session with her. Sian had some very interesting information about how breakfasts are so important for children. A balanced breakfast and hydration aid concentration so try and make sure they have some sort of milk or juice as well breakfast food. It was also interesting to find out that children generally have a stomach the size of a clenched fist (one of theirs) so need little and often – rather than large main meals.

The round table was interesting, some of the Mum’s loved Nutella and had no problem giving it on toast/bread for breakfast and some saw it as a ‘treat’ food rather than something that should be given for breakfast – which I can understand. I’m of the ‘as long as she eats something before she goes to school’ camp, she’s been having a teaspoon of it in a bowl of porridge and I’m happy for her to have that in the morning.

We then moved onto the cooking fun with Alan Coxon who introduced new ways of using Nutella. Alan was so much fun and a great font of knowledge about all types of food. He demonstrated some different uses and then invited us to have a go in teams. I was lucky enough to be teamed up with Amy from Cookingcakesandcbildren and Kelly from Placeofmyown. They came up with some great ideas and I did the fruit chopping – about my limit with cooking!.Amy did some fantastic Nutella piping which I think set ours off beautifully. But the teams all came up with some great ideas, I loved the ‘Great Wall of Nutella from Me the man and the baby‘s team – looks yummy!

Here’s a short video of Alan demonstrating one of his recipes (taken on my Kodak vi8)

So all in all we had a fun time, my family are all Nutella converts, and as long as it’s in moderation I’ll treat it much like I do honey or jam as spread. Thanks Nutella for such a great time and the brilliant advice from Karen and Sian it’ll make a difference in our house.

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  1. I am not a fan of nutella (I can’t eat hazel nuts) but This is such a fantastic post, I will be forwarding to my sis for my oldest niece (5 years old) is a very very picky eater. My sis is always worried about it…. I think your post would be good for her to read:)
    What a great opportunity for you to attend such an event.

    1. So pleased it helped! Btw I’ve been using my tips from Karen and today Lily ate pasta, first time ever! I’d gotten her involved making it and she ate it no problem, I’m so pleased. I hope it works for your sister x

  2. Super post :0) I think you may know I love love love nutella, so I very much enjoyed myself and learning all the facts and information on how actually it can be a healthy alternative to some foods. Lovely to meet you.

    All the best

    Mary x
    Mary Poppins´s last Post ..My Lovely New PrettyMy Profile

  3. Nutella (re)entered my life when henk started living with me a couple of years ago.
    Before that I seldom ate it. I like it, but at the moment I am into jam for breakfast.
    It seems you had a nice day!

  4. Forgot to mention.

    Do you know that Pottery Barn has an iPhone/IPad app for their catalogues.
    My iPhone is a bit small for viewing magazines, but I really like it.
    Maybe an iPad next year LOL

  5. Was lovely to see you!! That wall was such fun to make that I plan on buying a few loafs of bread so that I can attempt to make a house with it! Hehe.. 🙂