Burwash Manor Barns

The summer holidays are going on FOREVER this year, so I’m looking for places to go now rather than going to just the tried and tested. So today we headed out to Burwash Manor Barns in Barton South Cambridgeshire.  I’ve been meaning to go for maybe 5 years, but as it’s bit of a trek from mine I’d never gotten round to it.  But today we were bored and the weather is more like October so it was time to get out.

Burwash is a collection of boutique shops in some old farm barns, and they have a great choice of produce.  There is a fantastic foodie shop called ‘The Larder’

There is also a garden furniture shop full of the most gorgeous iron work furniture, kids clothes shop and toy shop, a decorating shop that stocks all sorts of heritage paint and papers and my favourite ‘Nest’ full of vintage home goodies. They have their own website here

We had some lunch at the tea rooms, which while the food was great, there were wasps *everywhere* which meant we were constantly swiping them and couldn’t really relax which was a shame, especially as the food and service were excellent.

Here are the goodies I bought in the Larder the porridge is milled locally and the dressing we had on a salad in the tea room and as it was so amazing I bought a bottle. The cookies of course speak for themselves,  I’m off to heat up some up now!.

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  1. There’s also a really good little wine place there too. A friend had her wedding reception there (beautiful venue for that, by the way) and the next morning when I went to pick up the car I stopped in and stocked up. Lovely.

    1. That would be a fantastic wedding venue. I missed the wine shop entirely! I think it was probably because Lily was moaning about the wasps – was it near the tea shop? Will have to visit again 🙂

  2. I love Burwash, I used to sometimes go to the cafe on my lunch break. Is Cuckoo still there love that shop! One of my good friends also had her wedding reception there in a huge marquee is was fantastic!