Ghosts of World War II

At the moment we are mid summer holiday fun, so I’ve been awol from here, Twitter and Facebook – kinda of nice truth be told. Even my Google Reader has been abandoned in favour of playing Harry Potter on the Wii with Miss L. Seriously I thought I had early onset arthritis in my finger joints until I realised I’d been playing Wii for 3 days straight and it’s just a case of Wii finger 🙂

But enough rambling, I spotted this yesterday on one of my rare trips onto G Reader and it’s just stunning so I thought I’d share it on here.  Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov has taken modern photos from the same angle as World War II images and then overlayed them in photoshop. So you get a modernshot with ghostly war images where they originally were. A fantastic piece of social media/history and a massive amount of hard work must have gone into them.  Check out the photos here

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  1. They are amazing, really cool. You should also check out english russia website very cool photo’s from and now and yesteryear

  2. Wow, amazing pictures on that link, Liz – really awesome. I, too, am looking forward to some computer free time when we go away to Spain next week, my parents don’t have wifi, so it’ll be two weeks of cold turkey as far as blogging, tweeting and Facebook are concerned. Dread to think what my Reader’ll look like when I return!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer hols – I can’t believe how quickly they’re passing by this year! x
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