Sid Dickens Autumn 2010 Collection

I’ve been collecting Sid Dickens Memory Block tiles since 1996 when I stumbled across them in Vancouver. You can only get them in a couple of UK stores now but I’ve found a store Casa Bella in the US who will ship them to the UK and worldwide.  They look amazing on the wall and are pretty easy to hang – just a nail in the wall.  They can grouped together to make a mosaic or have them singly hanging in a blank space, they always look stunning and I get a lot of compliments from guests about them.

I feel bad because I have about eight still sitting in the cupboard that I’ve never hung properly. It’s on my ‘to-do’ aka ‘the never done’ list, so instead I move them about every now and again.  That way I get to see more of them and it never matters which combination you do, they always look good.  As they are Memory Blocks, each one means something to me.  The middle top below was bought with my last few dollars on a fantastic holiday, I have some which have been gifts from friends and family, even one a fellow collector sent me when Miss L was born.

Here are a few of mine my walls can’t really take more than six, but to see more and much better examples of what they can look like when displayed check out Flickr.

So despite our current ‘one in, one out policy’ decreed by my poor long suffering husband, I am lusting after the new Autumn collection.  The have the ‘blonds’ (those with no colour) and the floral ones I adore. I’m currently trying to decide what to cull in order to get some new ones.  The T-05 Angel Wing is a re-issue and I’ve wanted that one for, well about 12 years so I think that has to be one. But other than that I’m torn… them all!

To read more about Sid Dickens, check out their blog here

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  1. And you need to also share that they are addicting, that you got your best friend obsessed with them, and MY poor long-suffering husband has now also decreed a one-in, one-out policy that I ignore. 😉