{The Gallery} Week 21 – Nature

Wow week 21 of The Gallery and I’m still really enjoying it. It’s really made me look at my photography skills and I’m even saving for a digital SLR camera. I’ve also booked a blog course in photography – Tara this is all your fault! 😉  This week is one of my favourite subjects ‘Nature’ (mainly because it can’t run off!) so over to Tara –

This week’s theme is: Nature. I think my love of trees is well documented by now, so go out there and have fun. The world is a beautiful place – show it to me in all its glory.’

Here are some of my favourite snaps I’ve taken over the last couple of years

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  1. love that first image, but they all are very pretty!
    hope you are well, I have been out of the loop studying! ugh, I can not wait to take this exam!! so i can get back to my favorite things in life!!

  2. Wow! What fab photos Liz…that first one is so delicate – the second is gorgeous with that drop of water in the center…almost looks like a diamond! The last one “pow!” what a knock out of color! Now, looking at these pictures it doesn’t look like everything is shriveled up and dying…..!! We’re glad, because pictures of dead coneflowers wouldn’t be as pretty!! 🙂
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    1. Ah no these were all taken last spring at my Mum’s house, my garden is currently brambles and dead grass 🙁

  3. These are beautiful! I especially love the bottom picture where you have captured the water droplets on the petals. Stunning 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos, especially love the water droplets and deep crimson of the tulip in the last picture! Must get myself a better lens for my camera I think – there are some brilliant close ups of flowers in this weeks’ gallery! These are really pretty, Helen

  5. Nature is my favourite subject too. It is so beautiful!
    I love your pics.
    P.S. Did you see the new iMac. I am going to buy one in September. I really excited!
    Last saturday i was able to hold an iPad in my hands. It was smaller and heavier ten I expected, but I really like it. Maybe next year!

  6. All these pics are great – especially the ones with raindrops – but the one with the drop sitting like a solitaire diamond nestling in a star of green leaves really takes the (chocolate) biscuit! Amazing.

  7. Such beautiful pictures – I am a sucker for droplets on plants!

    And tell me more about this photography course…!

    1. Thanks! No it’s a £65 Kodak point and shoot, which is why I need a proper camera I’d love to take more/better photos 🙂