The Rummagy Barn

On Friday Miss L and I headed over to Bury St Edmunds to visit the lovely Karen from The Rubbish Diet for coffee, cake and a good gossip.  Bury has some fabulous coffee houses, but there is one in particular I would live in if I was over Bury way – fantastic coffee and wifi!  I heard all about Karen’s new blogging shed – seriously I need me one of those, it even has wallpaper!.  As always it was fabulous to see Karen and we had good wander about town and the Abbey Gardens where I took this photo of the Cathedral.  This is the view from the Rose Garden and it’s just stunning.

On the way home we dropped into ‘The Rummagy Barn’ as we call it, most other people know it as the Risby Antique Barns which is just off the A14 at Risby.  We could spend hours hunting for treasures in there, here are some of the things in there that caught my eye the 1950’s Wedding Dress especially was beautiful. I get so much inspiration from the niknacks they sell in there.

The Art Deco dressing table is just beautiful and I have seen one in the Conran Store for about 4 times the price, but I have no where to put it!  But if you’re ever in the Bury St Edmunds area check out the Rummagy Barn – some fantastic finds waiting for you.

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  1. Lovely photos…gorgeous. The cathedral one is perfect.
    A blogging barn!! I add that to my list of ‘wants’ sounds fab. :0) x

  2. What fabulous photos from the Rummagy Barn (love that name by the way). Wish I could have come with you, but I would have probably spent a fortune. Anyway, it was lovely to spend the morning with you and Lilly and that photo you took of the cathedral is gorgeous. See you soon, K xxxx