Bling shopping

We had a window shopping day yesterday. I already have the stripy cushion above and I’m looking for some other cushions to go with it. The ones that came with our sofa originally are starting to look their age and frankly are a bit boring.  I like the damask ones which we found in Homesense and at £7.99 to £12.99 they were quite good value when compared to some similar ones I saw in Laura Ashley today which cost £35 for one cushion!

Miss L spotted this fantastic chair for her bedroom. She wants it to go with her new desk when we get it for her school work. Bless her she’s saving up her pocket money to buy it.

The bling theme continued with this kids bed in Next. We are going to be doing up Miss L’s room soon, her bedroom has been the same since we moved in when she was a toddler and she needs something a little more grown up now. She has our old double bed (her room doubles as a guest room when we have people to stay) and it just takes up most of her room. As a result we can’t get anything else much in there and now we need to get a desk in there it’s time for a change.

She spotted this from afar and frankly if I were seven I’d want it too, check out those knobs!  It’s the Amelia bed and only £179 which isn’t bad for a kids bed having looked around.  So when we’re ready I think we’ll order this, it’s just lovely.

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  1. Lily has great taste! That’s a gorgeous bed 🙂

    With regards to the cushions – are you comfortable with a sewing machine? You could totally make those yourself with some nice fabric x

    1. The bed is lovely isn’t it? I can’t sew for toffee so I couldn’t make them, I can’t even thread a machine. But hubby treated me to them today and they look just fabulous on our tired sofa 🙂