Legoland – Tips and Tricks

The summer holidays have started in earnest and we’ve already had some great adventures. At the weekend we headed down to Legoland Windsor to meet up with some friends and their little girl to have a fun day out.  I mentioned on Facebook that we were Legoland newbies and my friends came to the rescue with some fabulous tips and tricks for the park, so I thought I’d share their wisdom with you:

“Have a look at the map and think about what rides you might like, they aren’t all on the q-bot system. Some will have restrictions that Miss L won’t meet but she’s tall I think so most things will be OK. We tend to do Land of the Vikings because I love the River Splash ride and then tend to head down to the bottom of the park and work our way back up. The show is always good to watch too. Don’t bother waiting for the Hill Train, walk down, much quicker”

Here are my tips:

If you are going in the summer and it’s hot like Saturday was just pop the kids in a swim suit, we have some that have special SPF 50 fabric, that way you don’t have to worry about sunblock as much and they can get as wet as they like and can dry off quickly.

Book your tickets online, you can see how full the park will be and you get 15% off the tickets if you do it before hand. Also Tesco’s are doing a deal with Clubcard points where you can get a discount – but you have to buy those at the park.

It says on the site that the park opens at 10am, but the gates actually open at 9am for buying tickets and at 9.30am the park lets people in to the first bit where the shops, loos etc are – well worth doing as you can be in first and down at the rides by 10am.

Food – expensive and a bit crap. we had burgers for the three of us and it was £20 – and although the chips were ok the burgers were vile, massive and just horrid.  If you can bear dragging your own food around with you, take a picnic.

We had a great time as a result, the park is great for the under 10’s and as we had a 7 year old and a nearly 2 year old, they both had a lot of fun. Here’s Miss L’s mini review of the park:

‘We first went to the big Lego store and we went on to the Driving School. I think the Driving School is really cool, and I liked going round the roundabouts. And then we went on the Boat School, it was fun and we had to look out for the elephant, and I hoped it did not spray me. At Fire Academy we had to race other people and we came second. Then we went to Adventure Land and at Adventure land the surf board ride, we were spraying people, but then some popped up at us and we got soaking wet, which was lots of fun.

On the Viking Boats I got soaking wet and when you began there was a wall of water and people sprayed at your. I got a really cool sword which had a pink diamond in it.  So then we went back to the Lego store and bought a Lego helicopter.

I suggest you must go to the driving school first as it gets very busy and the Waterworks is lovely on a hot day and cools you down from being toasting hot.  Children should go there’

We loved it so much we’ll be going back in October half term!

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  1. The boys loved legoland too, but I dont think we would do it in the school holidays. Children hate queing and the qbot didnt cover all the rides the boys wanted to go on. We took swin wear and they loved the splash area so much

    1. No I’d skip the holidays too. We’re on bit of an odd school holiday system so we can go when the other schools are still going. I can’t imagine how made it’ll be in August! The splash area is great isn’t it 🙂

  2. We went recently and didn’t get qbot, even though other people had recommended it. We got there at 10, went down to the Viking land and did about three rides in quick sucession without queuing. Then we just pootled, watched the show, did the pirate playground, went on the train. We only had to queue for a couple of things. We also took a picnic. I would go back, but only if I could get a special offer, although there’s masses to do, I thought the full price tickets were really expensive (we didn’t pay to go).

    1. We didn’t get Qbot either I thought it was too expensive on top of what was already an expensive ticket. Agreed about the price, I’m hoping to use Tesco vouchers next time. Thanks for your tips x

  3. Also always worth checking out discount vouchers for eg free child entry with a full price adult, there’s usually some lurking around online. I was given one by ELC when I bought some paint recently too.

  4. I’ve been waiting for years to go to Legoland and now I finally have a child I can go!! Just gotta wait a few more for Oli to be at the age where he’ll appreciate it!! 🙂

  5. That tip about being able to arrive earlier is invaluable although I doubt I’d ever be organised enough to manage it. I hope to take Ted there with Tesco vouchers soon although I dread the drive around 50% of the M25 to get there!

  6. That’s brilliant and very timely advice as we are planning to go in the next month!!!! Will definitely aim to be there early and take swim suits!!! Thanks!