End of Term

Tomorrow Miss L finishes school for the summer, so this will be one of my last regular posts for a while. I’m hoping to post a couple of times a week but you know what it’s like when the kids are at home, priorities change. I’m also shutting up Violet Posy Design for the summer, I tried working when she was at home in February and we just ended up arguing the whole week! So this time I’m done until September and I’m excited about the projects I have lined up for then – some great blogs to makeover.

So today I made my annual floral gifts for Miss L’s teachers, assistants and headmistress (here’s some from last year and the year before). I had bit of a panic as my garden is pretty much flower free at the moment. The hot weather has killed off all but a few of my roses and the sweetpeas aren’t through yet so I’ve cheated this year and popped over to Bury St Edmunds market for them.

The flowers were great value, 4 bunches for £5 – I love markets!

I added a few of what’s left of my own roses and tomorrow morning I’ll wrap them in pink tissue paper and take them to school with a few bottles of well deserved wine for the teachers.

Tomorrow will be Miss L’s last day at her infants school, in September she’ll be moving up to the junior school on another site. I will miss her school so much, it’s homely atmosphere, the wonderful staff and the care and skill they have taught her with since she started there when she was nearly 3.

It’s like a home from home and I want to thank everyone there not only her teachers and teaching assistants, but the school secretary who has been wonderful whenever I’ve forgotten something (including Miss L when I was in a meeting just after I started back at work, I forgot school pick up, she put her in afterschool club for me and then called me to remind me I had a child :)) the cook who made Miss L special ‘dairy free’ lunches when she had bad ezcema in nursery and always made sure she had a cookie to feel better, the caretaker who helped her out of the car everyday with her tons of bags, the breakfast club, afterschool  and holiday club staff without whom I couldn’t have worked full time, the school councillor who taught Miss L so much about herself and other people.  Also a big thankyou to everyone who’s run an afterschool club, Yoga, Taekwondo, Chess, Design, Dance, Cooking, Hamma Beads – they have been so enjoyed by my daughter and her friends.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I’m going to miss you all very much.  I fully expect tomorrow during leavers ceremony to be sobbing my heart out, despite my daughter’s warning that I’d better not embarrass her. She’s looking forward going to ‘big’ school, and I suspect she’ll make the transition easier than I will.

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  1. This post has me sobbing, big hot salty tears. I am so sad that Maxi is moving to year 1 his teacher is such a wonderul influance in his life. But she is going to be Mini’s!